Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Spiritual Feng Shui - Improve Fate Sky Print

Spiritual Feng Shui - Improve Fate Sky Print
Feng shui know who called Fate Triniti namely:
1. The fate of the Earth: lucky for human habitation abundant with chi. Understanding the layout of Feng Shuo.
2. Human Fate: lucky to have knowledge or skill. Talent and potential has grown.
3. Fate Sky: lucky as sanctioned by God. Is a lasting prosperity.


The fate of the sky is the highest achievement of the practice of feng shui man because the fate of various abundance and prosperity sky can be enjoyed. Abundance in various facets of life will flow with minimal obstruction. To achieve this is to increase in the Spiritual aspect.

Spiritual is the spirit and ritual, namely how to improve the relationship of self or spirit or the spirit of the universe to be harmonious. To achieve a good relationship with the universe is to do a variety of so-called ritual procession. Meaningful ritual itself is very spacious. That support to achieve a harmony with nature, humans have a system of non-physical body called chakras.

Chakras are non-physical systems that sustain human life in many aspects. It says in the script, if it develops the human chakra will reach the 4 (four) wealth, namely:

1. Rich Name
2. Rich Treasure
3. Rich Health
4. Rich Science

Chakra similar to lotus flowers where the stem is rooted in non-physical pulse called Shusumna. Indeed, all human life is governed by the development of Chakra. The fate of human or human enjoyed living conditions determined by budding or flowering of the chakras of the body.

Countless number of chakras in the body, but there are 7 chakras, 7 chakras called core that must be understood by humans. Here is what the effect of these chakras to human life. Influence on life is determined by the buds and flowering of chakra. The more blooms the more harmonislah man with the universe and 4 wealth is in the hand.