Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feng shui for bedroom

Feng shui for bedroom promise us indoor comfort room.

Feng shui for bedroom is the decoration of being balanced which promotes the flow of energy best to sleep restorative , and healing sexual . Best feng shui color for the bedroom considered what 's called ' ' skin color , and we know the human skin color varies from white to pale brown to brown rich . Select the color in this range will work best for decoration your bedroom .

With feng shui for bedroom, not only we will feel the comfort, but also other people that is around us.

Pleasing and balanced is very important in making the bedroom a good feng shui.

Expected with the feng shui bedroom, you will feel comfortable and relaxed in performing daily tasks.

Feng Shui Bedroom information

Feng shui bedroom is all about harmony in the room your bedroom.
with the feng shui we can do something with the room we are comfortable without any obstacles and distractions.

Just like most people, we have spacious rooms and comfortable to enter. everybody loves a comfortable and spacious rooms. use the science of feng shui to find out the good from the feng shui bedroom.

feng shui bedroom is a good that is promoting the harmonious flow of energy is nourishing and sensual. Bedroom feng shui is a good bedroom that invites you, lure you, voluptuous and soothing at the same time. Bedroom feng shui is good fun and exciting to be in, whether You are there to sleep for a while, a good night's sleep or to make love passionately! To make a bedroom feng shui is good, you can use a variety of simple, practical tools, such as feng shui tips feng shui basics below: Unplug the TV, the computer equipment or exercising in your bedroom. The experts of feng shui is a good energy in your bedroom is destroyed when the items present in your bedroom.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Need a reason Presents "Chi" in your kitchen!

Need a reason Presents "Chi" in your kitchen!

Home interior design greatly affect the comfort of a person to remain comfortable in the house. A design is not just following the trend of today, but every room there should also be designed according to taste of its inhabitants.

Kitchen too. Now, one area which is also a very important place for those who crave space to cook according to your character. Moreover, you may belong to people who like to experiment with different dishes so that it will spend more time in this space.

Perhaps, the following information interesting enough for you, ie how to present the impression of balance between energy and air flow is always available in this room. Indeed, there is a good idea to bring the flow of chi in the room the kitchen so it is not only safe but also comfortable to move in it.

"When I saw the kitchen is laid out to connect with other rooms, lots of energy will be happy, then I will ask the owners, 'If you throw a party, people will sit here and refuse to move?'" Said Kartar Diamond, author of Feng Shui For Skeptics and The Matrix Feng Shui.

"And, the owner said, 'Well, how do you know?"

Wind and water

Sometimes, even the kitchen is a narrow one, will give the impression of comfort when there is positive energy in it. So, you have to do now is make a small kitchen even though can be very aesthetically very comfortable with air vents arranged as required.

Related to that, it is very important for you to apply the principles of feng shui in the balance between the elements fire, earth, water, soil and air in a room to solve the problem of air flow or ventilation in your kitchen.

"Feng shui into account in the house was built, the current year, and the front of the house itself, even to the degree of the compass," Janice said as quoted on hgtv.com.

"Every house has a blueprint for energy. History homeowners also important because it can be used to verify the accuracy of energy-related reading our house," says Janice.

In fact, according to Chinese philosophy, a room would be better to keep the chi energy flow. In the design according to feng shui kitchen China, "wind and water" associated with a well ventilated house to get a positive flow of chi or positive energy.

Feng shui practitioners say, a room occupancy or at least should adjust to the natural flow of chi, especially the kitchen is the main focus of the positive energy in a dwelling. Well, how about you?

Through the "Feng Shui" baby present

Through the "Feng Shui" baby present

Love life or your family have problems? In addition to cope with the consulting psychologist or physician, you also can help to balance with feng shui. Do you need it for the sex life more beautiful, the quality of communication, even the presence of a child, feng shui can help. Follow these tips from a feng shui master, Ellen Whitehurst, who is also the author of Make This Your Lucky Day to improve every aspect of your life.

Kick-get "Mr. Right":
Use a red pen. According to feng shui, the stronger and clearer you say what you want to happen in your life, the easier of the universe is sending what you want it. Write in red ink list the qualities you want in the ideal figure of "Mr. Right" is on white paper. Is he a successful photographer and have a lot? Or is he the type of family man who enjoys spending time with his family? Clearly, and when you finish, place your list and drawing two peonies in a small silver box. Put the box in the relationship area in your room (see the bagua map, or in the upper right corner) for 49 days.

For those of you who want to have children:
Replace the wooden elephant in the bedroom. Provide space for the baby to clean up any objects (including impurities) from under your bed. However, because Eastern cultures believe that the souls of babies around your bed to come your way, do not sweep or memvakum the bottom of the bed if you're trying to get pregnant so you do not disturb the soul. Then, put a pair of wooden sculpture of an elephant (the elephant is an animal that ensures your expectations in feng shui) on the left and right side of your bedroom, as if they were entering the room. This elephant will make you hope goes through the same door. Finally, put anything that smacks of childish, like images of children or stuffed animals in the area of ​​children in the room (see the bagua map, or in the middle right) to draw the energy that supports the conception and birth.

For those of you who want to improve communication:
Take the glass opaque. According to feng shui, a harmonious relationship achieved if there is clear communication between couples. Fill small bowls with rice, then sprinkle with sea salt shaker. Salt and rice to be considered as the main absorber of negative energy. Place the three crystal clear at the top of the salt to form the three corners, then place the bowl under the bed for 9-49 days. This will awaken the energy in a positive relationship and open communication.

In order for your sex life more "hot":
Create warmth. Accordance hot you mean, use the color red (which is often associated with fire) around the bedroom to heat the atmosphere. Red curtains hung to attract energy that may be worn close your love life, and pairs of red bedspread on the bed as a driving desire to make love. Then mix the two drops of ylang-ylang essential oil in a bowl of steaming water. Rub a drop or two of oil into your neck, or into a pillowcase.

To overcome a broken heart:
Spray citrus essential oils. The essential oil of orange is considered as an antidepressant and treatment for emotional anxiety effectively. Oil is used to bring peace and tranquility in an emotional situation while inviting peace and harmony. Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil into a spray bottle that has been filled with water, then spray the contents of the bottle around the room each morning. So, every day you will start the day with a fresh feeling. After that, place the orange peel skin of 9 plus two cups of Epsom salts into the tub and Soak for 20 minutes. You will find the enthusiasm, optimism, and new hope.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Victoria get baby and search Feng Shui Expert

Victoria get baby and search Feng Shui Expert

Victoria Beckham is a great desire to have children is so strong female. To ensure that the fetus, the wife of soccer star David Beckham was even chosen to do ultrasonography (USG) 4-dimensional in a private hospital Rivers Hospital, Hertfordshire, England.
Victoria is a big fan of Feng Shui. He did not want to have apaun in a corner to avoid bad energy

Having a daughter is so coveted. From her marriage to David Beckham, he has been blessed with three sons. They are Brooklyn (11), Romeo (8), Cruz (5).

Examination results confirmed that the fetus in the womb is a woman, Victoria greeted with great joy. In fact, as preached Cosmopolitan, she has hired a team of Feng Shui adviser to give advice in redesigning his home in Los Angeles and London in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui.

Through these experts, Victoria Beckham and her hope to create positive energy for the residents, including candidates for their daughters.

"Victoria is a big fan of Feng Shui. He did not want to have anything in the corner to avoid bad energy," wrote Cosmopolitan.

Some time ago, David Beckham announced the news that his wife was pregnant with her ​​fourth child through his Facebook account. "I have great news I want to say to you all," writes Beckham. "Victoria and I are expecting our fourth child this summer. Children will be delighted to sting the presence of their new baby, what is it male or female," he wrote again.

What is the Relationship Date of Birth and Feng Shui building?

What is the Relationship Date of Birth and Feng Shui building?

Several times lately, Kompas.com column / property gets a lot of questions about the direction toward building a good / appropriate, based on the date of birth. For that, it would need to be addressed specifically, to provide a true understanding of the relationship between birth date with the arrangement of buildings based on the science of metaphysics lies China (Feng Shui and Ba Zi).

Ba Zi (read: pa 'che'), called the Pillar of Life 8 (Eight element / Eight Characters) is a Chinese metaphysical science of analyzing data that a person was born. The analysis was done by converting the data to be born the elements that form a certain formation, using the solar calendar systems (Hsia Calendar - Calendar 10 thousands years). From this it can be explained various aspects of one's life.

Feng Shui, the principle is the same as Ba Zi, but the object is a building. If for Ba Zi analyzes the data needed someone born, then in feng shui is not just born out of the building of data (year / construction period), but also the direction toward the structure / aesthetics of the building. In prkatik feng shui, there are two approaches should be applied in parallel, the feng shui feng shui compass and shape.

Feng shui shape, the layout of the room and the functions that exist in a building (doors, windows, stairs), regardless of direction. For example, a bedroom on the second floor should not be located directly above the kitchen (floor 1), the position of the front door and rear doors do not line up straight and face to face, avoid building on the T-junction (skewers), and others.

Feng shui compass, set the best room placement, based on energy formed by the direction toward and development time. One school of feng shui compass in Feng Shui is the Flying Star (Xuan Kong Flying Star). Compared to feng shui form, feng shui flying stars is more complicated (complicated).

Which is more important, feng shui or feng shui compass shape? The answer: both are equally important. If compared, the feng shui is a form of a computer hardware and software feng shui compass is his. Both are important, complementary, and should be mutually supportive. This principle is exactly the same with feng shui.

To this end, it should be emphasized, that good or bad feng shui of a building (room-in micro-scale), is determined solely by the building itself (the principle of feng shui form / compass), not by a person born of data (occupant / owner of the building) .

Arrangement of buildings by utilizing the science of feng shui, should produce a good layout for those who occupy it (especially the main door, bedroom, and kitchen). In other words, feng shui of a building good or bad applies to those who occupy, regardless of when he was born, what zodiac, what group (West or East).

So, what about the data born residents (Ba Zi)? If in the previous stage, the arrangement feng shui is still 'ignore' data was born residents, it is like tuning a radio in the position of 'tuned.'

Data Utilization born residents, is to 'fine tuned' it. That is, for rooms and furniture that are personalized (personalized), ie bedroom, desk, bed, newly set according to the results of data analysis born residents. Feng shui house occupying an effect on people, not on who has.

In conclusion, it is actually quite right to ask direction toward the building, the doors, where the rooms are suitable for someone who was born on a certain date. Due to be analyzed is the feng shui of his first building (direction toward - 24 mountains, and the time of construction), not the data was born residents.

Feng Shui to Create a More Intimate Relationship

Feng Shui to Create a More Intimate Relationship

What do you do to the relationship with the more intimate and romantic partner? If you still find a way, may try to advice from feng shui expert Ellen Whitehurst as he wrote in Redbook magazine.

To be more sexy sex
Make the red color dominates your room. Create a warm atmosphere in the house to have sex with a partner more sexy. Choose a red color around the room so that sex is more passionate. Just start with a red curtain. This method can overcome the stagnant relationship between you and your partner. Or pairs of red linen because it will be the catalyst for an exciting sexual experience.

Also, try this trick feng shui to get through the night full of teasing and the surge. Sprinkle two drops of ylang-ylang aromatherapy in warm water, then rub a drop or two on your neck, or spread on the pillow. Water vapor with the scent of ylang-ylang This will warm the room and your mood and your partner.

That communication is always smooth
Take advantage of the good energy of the crystal. Not all couples can Seiya-one word in each case. Although communication was established with a partner, often crisscrossing the opinion makes the atmosphere heats up. In fact, the relationship will be harmonious only if a clear two-way communication occurs in pairs. In order for communication with the pair running smoothly try this way: Fill a small bowl with the rice and add the sea salt on it. Salt and rice, in view of feng shui, capable of absorbing negative energy. Then put the three crystals in the salt so that the three form a triangle (rice, salt, crystalline). Put the bowl under the mattress for 49 days. If you believe in feng shui, this method can generate positive energy in your relationship. In effect, the more open communication with your partner and line.

So that the relationship was no longer rigid
Take advantage of the mirror. Way, take a photo of yourself when you're smiling and being alone. Glue the photo on the back of the small, square mirror. Then, attach a photo of your partner on the back of the mirror the other with the same shape and size as yours. Take two other mirror, and then paste it to the position of the mirror back to each other so that the glass facing out. After that, take two mirror images that have been placed before, place it in front of each glass mirror (mirror position without a photo in the middle). Mirror that serves as a mediator in the middle of two mirrors that make the photo could not see each other. Then wrap it with a fourth mirror 99 times as much red tape.

Place a mirror near your bed partner or in a box. See the effect in seven days. Believed, your partner will be warmer and more friendly with you.