Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Try Feng Shui methods, Owen

Feng Shui is commonly used when building a house or arranging the room. But a fan of Manchester United's Michael Owen advised to use this method to restore its performance.

Owen has a desire to return to England after more than a year is not uniform Three Lions team. Not only that, the Manchester United striker is also a dream for his country at the World Cup.

But until now the English national team coach Fabio Capello has not yet summoned Owen. Managers "Red Devils" Sir Alex Ferguson could not do much to help the United players are back numbered seven.

Sympathy continues to flow at Owen. One was from an MU fan. Not only the sympathy, the fans also gave a suggestion.

Red Devils fans is named Geoff Boycott. Former England cricketer suggested method of feng shui for Owen to restore performance.

Boycott never felt the properties of the Chinese method is in the process of healing his cancer. "I slept in different rooms and dealing with something different. Methods are confident that when we sleep, then the healing process is working," Boycott said as reported by Reuters.

"People who do not know this method will say: 'This method of garbage'. But that is proven. I am healthy now," he said.

Advice is delivered by the Boycott through a letter addressed to spearhead the petite. "He has not replied to his letter. But if he's interested to try it, then I can mempertemukannya with some feng shui,"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Selling Property with Feng Shui

Science of Feng Shui as a science building layout of ancient China has been growing rapidly today. Even in Indonesia, its use not only to design individual houses. But the developers in the development of urban and residential areas were said to have started to apply the science of Feng Shui. Is this true?

The application of the science of feng shui in the layout of the building by the ethnic Chinese community as individuals, we know perhaps already plural. But what about the origin of ancient Chinese science applications in the development of a residential area? Are Indonesia's leading developers also do it? No easy answer indeed.

In a matter of trust in the science of feng shui, the President Director of real estate agents Indoproperty, Hary Jap indeed distinguish the feng shui feng shui scientific and unscientific. And Hary little trouble when facing property buyers who use feng shui unscientific.

"One extreme example ever experienced by our marketing, so whether a transaction where the property is determined by feng shui expert companion," said Hary.

Developers Summarecon Kelapa Gading since the beginning has been to realize the sensitivity of most of the inhabitants of the region, dubbed as the Head of the Dragon is the science of feng shui is quite high.

Critical questions of the developers of consumer properties associated with the science of feng shui applications, most are almost similar. One is about how many stairs.

If Paramount Serpong mentioned motto, connecting nature to life as the embodiment of the principles of feng shui in their products, not so with Summarecon Kelapa Gading. Adi Adrianto call what they develop in Ivory Park View as a form of concrete application of feng shui in the projects developed by PT. Summarecon Agung, Tbk. this.

Other developers have different real estate broker. If developers try to meet all the needs of consumers, brokers can be even more tactical considerations feng shui is believed consumers.

Consumers property today is more critical and careful when they decide to buy a property project. And for the sake of service to consumers, a good developer will certainly strive to serve the diverse needs of specific customers, including consideration of applying the science of feng shui.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Feng Shui Interior Guidelines

At present many people buy houses by incorporating elements of Feng Shui in it. However, how do you know how to Feng Shui analysis that you do have the right? Is Feng Shui analysis technique that you do have that right in accordance with the method, and not the analysis of trust or belief a myth?

A common mistake made by people today is they only evaluate the Feng Shui home interior. This fact gives the conclusion that people are more concerned with Feng Shui Feng Shui interior than exterior. It is a misconception! Feng Shui Interior condition of a home should be analyzed AFTER we analyze Eskterior conditions, such as: where the houses are located, how the historical plots of land the house is, how the pattern of road traffic around the house, whether there is an object that creates negative energy around the home it? The quality of the merits of the property based on Feng Shui point of view is almost dependent on environmental conditions exterior or landscaping. Feng Shui Interior mostly used to analyze how the Qi energy that comes from outside the home can be entered into, and whether it can circulate properly?

To facilitate your understanding, consider the electrical circuit. Exterior or landscaping conditions we equate with the energy source. Your home serves as a conductor or connecting an energy source. Interior of your home serves as a key switch on duty whether you can use these energy sources. Therefore, without exterior or landscape condition is good, then the house you live in also has no source of energy. Instead, you can not use external source of energy if you do not have a switch button! So, Feng Shui Exterior and Interior work in an interdependent or complementary to each other.

Of reasons this article diataslah created!

* This article is a complement of Feng Shui Exterior guidelines. Therefore, make sure you read our article: Guide to Feng Shui Exterior before reading the article: Guide to Feng Shui Interior.
* This article will help you in analyzing the merits of the interior layout system based on Feng Shui home.
* While when you get into a choice of house would you buy, read this article in advance, because what I give here serves as a 'checklist' or guidelines - guidelines that Feng Shui should be done or not to do before you decide to buy a house is based interior arrangement.
* And for those of you who already own a home, at least the articles that I have given here can be a reference to ensure you do not do Feng Shui violations in the house.

Here you will learn issues such as:
1. Bagimana analyzing Feng Shui Interior right?
2. Where the exact location of the bed based on the perspective of Feng Shui?
3. How do you determine the merits of the Main Door Feng Shui House?
4. Does the location of the toilet has a crucial role in Feng Shui?
5. What should you prioritize in analyzing the Feng Shui Interior?

Why do I need to write this article? Frankly, many people who do not know how to analyze the Feng Shui right and I as a Feng Shui consultant, do not like giving bad news to them when there are errors in the arrangement or spatial layout of the house. I prefer to tell them how to improve the situation and condition is good Feng Shui is based on their financial resources, rather than doing a costly renovation because it has violated the guidelines of Feng Shui Interior. And I hope that the existence of this article will make everyone's life easier in buying or building a house.

Many of the inspiration that comes from an article I wrote came from Architect, Interior Designer, Property Agent mapun who expect a proper understanding of Feng Shui, as well as practical in order to guide them to not change the exterior and interior images of work in connection with the problem of Feng Shui .

And I believe in the existence of this article, then an architect and interior designer can more easily design the arrangement of the room of the house. And for real estate agents will find that this article helps them in providing advice and guidance for prospective buyers to fix their violations of Feng Shui Interior before the house is purchased or leased.

And for you prospective home owners, I hope you all enjoyed this article and I also hope the best for you to find your true dream home!

Feng Shui guidelines Exterior

Try to imagine this situation, "After so long you want to buy a home or buying a plot of land to build a house, you finally have found a property that suits your dreams over the years. And after all documents have been buying and selling your home sign the, you intend to call a consultant to analyze the condition of Feng Shui Feng Shui your home for intending to do a little change in zoning. But after the house is audited by a Feng Shui consultant it found numerous violations that violates the guidelines of Feng Shui and ironically not only requires a little renovation, but renovation is great! " This situation occurs in some people.

Or you're experiencing a scenario like this, "you're on the property exhibition in a mall or plaza, and intend to buy a home unit in a cluster or a new residential area. So, you're still not convinced with the options, which should You choose based on Feng Shui is best for you and your family. How do you decide on this situation without the help of a Feng Shui consultant though? "

This is my main goal in writing this article!

* Why you should buy a property that violates the guidelines of Feng Shui and requires a lot of improvement, if you can buy a property that has been good and just needs a little improvement in Feng Shui?
* And why you should buy a property in need of renovation costs because it violates the guidelines of Feng Shui when you could still buy another unit that does not require renovations at all?

Whatever your purpose in buying a house, either as residential or just an investment, what I give here will help you to avoid any problems that occur when buying a property with Feng Shui conditions less favorable to you. Here you will learn:

1. How to observe directly the situation and conditions that appear directly on the basis of Feng Shui in a practical and easy to pick a good property?
2. Myths or beliefs whether that is actually not related to Feng Shui at all?
3. What are "trade secrets" which is used by a Feng Shui consultant in evaluating a property?

Why do I need to write this article? Because in this world there is no single person who does not want to live in a home a comfortable, harmonious, and can bring benefits for the residents. As an old expression that says. "My house is a palace!". And basically the main goal of Feng Shui is not to make you a billionaire in the blink of an eye, but the most important thing is to make you feel comfortable, happy and stable life with the environment in which you live. And of course, it is this that can support your life goals and aspirations of all who want to achieve later in life, as well as answer any challenge.

And of course to meet this goal we have more than 130 illustrations provide practical, clear and easy to understand as your guide in learning and looking for good house. Here, you will learn more than 130 illustrations of situations that most of the landscaping YOU MUST AVOID! And this could be one source of your reference in studying the science of Feng Shui is true and correct. And if you intend to use a professional Feng Shui consultant to analyze the condition of your property, then the article I can at least help you to reduce the number or frequency of consultation you need (to save your budget in consultation!) Because you can reduce the number of property options that need to be consulted.

I hope that with the existence of this article, you find it useful as a guide in finding your true dream home!

Treatment of Feng Shui: 5 Elements Theory

In most cases a lot of houses that I value based on Feng Shui point of view there has been a disability and a violation of the rules and the rules of Feng Shui. In terms of limited resources is often not much can be done by homeowners such as: switching the position of the main door, move to another room, to change the location of the position of kitchen space. In many cases I often recommend treatment of Feng Shui is more or less able to solve these problems.

In Feng Shui we are doing this treatment that we call with Hua Jie Wu Xing or change the conditions of 5 elements from the environment! As I wrote in another article that our universe there is an energy that we classify into 5 elements, namely elements of wood, fire element, earth element, metallic element, and the element of water. Each element has a characteristic and the object used. Why should 5 elements? Since Feng Shui is basically to assess the pattern of energy in the home based on the Qi energy mapping of 5 elements, so that if the defect occurs in the home Feng Shui we are sure there is an imbalance of energy in all five elements. Like the theory of TCM or acupuncture knowledge which every human being there is a point of the flow of energy (Jing Luo) flowing in the pipe transport through the meridian points we should keep the flow of energy balance, because if there kesumbatan it will cause disease! Likewise with Feng Shui.

I will try to give simple tips on the treatment of the theory of five elements are based on an object:
1) Wood elements: living plants, flower vases, wooden furniture, and objects that look green, long, round, and columnar-column.

2) The element of fire: candles, sunlight, particularly the colored lights of red, red carpets or rugs, and objects that look red, pyramids, triangles, and sharp.

3) The element of earth: rocks, clay sculpture sculptures, ceramics, pottery, marble, brick, and objects that look yellow or brownish, and the rectangular / long.

4) metal elements: furniture which is essentially metallic materials: steel, aluminum, stainless, metal furniture, objects of metal sculptures, wall clocks with pendulum, and objects that appear white or golden, spherical or dome, and has a circumference and an oval .

5) The element of water: fish ponds, fountains, pools, and any objects that look clean, clear and black or blue as well as irregularly shaped, wavy, and curves.

Whatever the objects that we use the important thing is we also liked the thing, because the beauty of the objects that we use objects will cause energy Sheng Qi (life energy) from the perspective of our emotions towards the room where the object is used! Once you have learned all five kinds of objects mentioned above much we can do on the theory and formulation of Feng Shui, for example:
a. Put the furniture in the room right.
b. Choosing the color and shape of the main door of the house.
c. Determine the shape of the roof model homes.
d. Choosing a style of architecture and home interiors.
e. Using certain objects to sweep the bad energy in one place.
f. Replacing the carpet or floor color harmony.
g. Improving the life energy in the house in order to optimize the luck of the household.
h. Repairing all kinds of abuses Feng Shui in every sector of the room, such as bedrooms, kitchen, family room, etc..

In Feng Shui Flying star stream (Fei Xing) use of treatment based on five elements of Feng Shui can not be avoided, because in this genre, any combination of stars (Xing Pan) exist that can cause some problems, for example:
- Combination of stars - stars that cause diseases, such as Lang and Tan star Ju Men star, star and star Lang Tan Lian Zhen, or star and the star Ju Men Lian Zhen is often solved by using the metal element.
- The combination of star - a star causes the robbery, such as stars and planets Po Cun Lu Jun, stars and star Qu Wu Po in June is often solved by using the element of water.
- Combination of stars - stars that caused the fire, like a star and the star Ju Men You Bi, Po Jun and star star You Bi, stars and star Lian Zhen You Bi, often overcome by using the earth element.
- The combination of star - a star to cause an argument or legal issues, such as stars and star Ju Men Cun Lu, Lu Cun star and Zuo Fu star, or star and the star Wen Lu Cun Qu, often overcome by using the element of fire.

Although there are dozens of combinations of star - a star, but everything is still referring to the theory of five elements above, and this is the function of the treatment of Feng Shui because once we put objects or objects that represent the five elements it is expected that our homes can achieve energy balance point so that create a harmonious situation.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Applying the Five Elements in Buildings

The basis of feng shui element is a thorough and productive relationship between the five elements of fire, wood, earth, water and metal.

These relationships are interrelated and depend on the nature of relationships within a particular space and at a certain time, they produce a positive or negative effect on the fortune of living and working environment.

So the introduction of one of the five elements play an important role in creating peace and inspired by the emotional atmosphere surrounding environment. It is perceived as an ambience of space (room atmosphere).

Too much or too little of each element can have an adverse effect on any space and how it is perceived. So the challenge is finding the right balance in integrating the five elements of life and into the room to work, and in doing this while maintaining its aesthetic.

Fire burst of energy

Bank of America Tower

Elements present in a variety of different mediums. Through color, the five elements are represented as groups that could be seen. The red color of encouraging the expression of heat and passion that became an emotional response to the energy or fire.

Physical attributes of fire and heat lamps are represented through physical as fireplaces or kitchen. As an embodiment, the fire took a triangular shape - A shape is creating an abstract vision of a building shooting upward toward the sky, similar to the physical form of the Fire burning; energy is made to move upward. The most appropriate example is the famous flame-shaped building is Bank of America Tower.

Radiate energy into the sky carrying the tremendous energy to all citizens.

Liquidity Water

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Water has always been known as an element that can adapt into any form. An excellent example of a building that is categorized as a form of water is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

This unique building wrap themselves in a fluid motion shows the shape like water. Created in the shape of the body of water, the use of water helps to further improve the physical elements of the building itself. By understanding how the elements work cycle, water is produced through the metal energy.

Thus, the outer skin of the building, encased in sheet metal, the energy entering the metal needed to form water on the building.

The balance of yin and yang is also a term used for a balance between active and passive. In architectural design, it is important to always maintain a balance between active and passive space. This can be represented by private and public nature of space planning or through visual interpretation like the peace of the body of water with a dynamic form of the Guggenheim museum.

Uniting Two Elements

Guggenheim Museum in New York

Metals are elements that are curved to form curved, usually in one direction. In abstract form, assumed a round shape that creates a dynamic movement to instill anticipation of something beyond the form. In color, the color of pure white or gray palette is categorized as a metal.

Guggenheim Museum in New York, form a circular highlight architectural features that attract attention and evoke the mystery of something that actually there are nearly always invited to be explored.

In the productive cycle of elements, the earth becomes a source to improve the shape of the metal. Built in reinforced concrete, a mixture of both elements invite innovative use of a rigid building blocks to create an organic form.

To further strengthen the concept of Earth's energy, rectilinear square accents are carefully designed to break the monotony of making it possible to form the yin and yang mutually influence each other.

Yin aspect is represented by the feminine circle shape that sits on a square base of the building, which takes aspects. So by playing with two basic shapes - square and circle, the work of this architecture shows how the shape and the elements work together, bringing a harmonious balance to the overall amazing building.

Ask the Expert advice Fengshui Before Gambling

Wear red if you want to win at casino Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, but wear a white color to enhance your luck at the casino rivals, Resorts World Sentosa.

That said Danny Cheong feng shui experts, whose expertise became highly sought after due to the opening of two city-state's first casino resort last year.

"Previously, I sometimes get clients who ask for help to bet on horse races or the lottery," said Cheong, 50-year-old Singaporean who studied in Hong Kong. "Now everyone wants advice about the casino."

Two massive casino resort in Singapore, which together cost the construction of more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, is the culmination of a decade-long effort to diversify the island's economy toward services, such as tourism and finance, and reduce dependence on manufacturing. Both casinos have created more than 20,000 jobs, helping to attract visitors in record numbers, and encourage economic growth 14.7 percent last year, most likely the second highest in the world after Qatar.

GDP increased 12.5 percent in the period October to December from a year ago compared with an increase of 10.5 percent in the third quarter, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said Monday.

Singapore, which in recent decades has lost most of the low wage manufacturing in regional countries such as China and Vietnam-have focused on exporting more value-added products, such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical products. Manufacturing increased by 28 percent in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, while services rose 8.8 percent and construction fell 1.2 percent, the ministry said.

This year, the resort will contribute about 1.7 percent of GDP growth in the economy which, according to DBS Bank of Singapore is expected to slow but still grow 7 percent. The government estimates economic growth of between 4 percent and 6 percent in 2011.

Singapore has also benefited from strong economic growth in Asia, led by China. Almost all the growth in tourist arrivals last year came from neighboring countries and, for the first time, Chinese demand will likely Singapore's export demand will pass the U.S. in 2010.

In an effort to attract visitors to China, gambling resorts that incorporate the principles of feng shui and other Chinese confidence in their design and operation. Resorts World to open the casino at 08:28 on February 14, while the Marina Bay Sands opens March 27 at 15:18 because eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture.

Singapore, which has a population of 5 million people, visited an average of about 1 million visitors per month. That number jumped 20 percent in the first eleven months of last year compared to same period in 2009.

Resorts were also planned to be expanded this year, increasing economic growth and tourism. Marina Bay Sands, which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp., is scheduled to open ArtScience world's first Museum in February. While that's Resorts World Bhd Genting Xperiential Maritime Museum will open this summer, with two more hotels and a marine life park will be opened soon to follow.

The retailer, in resorts and in the malls of Orchard Road, also benefited from increased tourism, with spending by tourists increased 47 percent to 13.7 billion Singapore dollars in January-September period compared to the previous year.

Which also benefited the feng shui experts such as Cheong, who for 22 years has provided counsel to companies such as Pizza Hut, Renault, and Robinsons department stores on how to attract the right energy or qi.

The gambler has to pay 500 Singapore dollars for the session "attainment of wealth"-advice on how to beat the casinos, where Cheong analyze the date and time of the birth of a client to give tips on clothing luck and facing direction at a card table.

Feng Shui: Kitchen, Source of Happiness

Generally, Chinese people look very cooking or kitchen space, especially the layout of the stove. Stove is important because it is considered a source of happiness. This is where food is cooked and matured. In addition, food can affect health, feelings, and attitudes. Then increase the appetite, it is important to do.

From the food we can get results and health. If treated properly, food will be delicious and nutritious. Thus, the work done will be better results or business that was involved will be more fortunately.

Because of the importance of the Kitchen God, then ahead of the Lunar New Year, Chinese people always provides food for her. Generally, food for the Kitchen God made completely sweet. This meant that the residents received the results were always sweet fruit.

One of the rooms are very related to the kitchen is the dining room. According to feng shui, the closer the dining room with kitchen, the better. Figured, the people will more easily smell the food that indicates the provision is more easily obtained.


The kitchen should be located away from the main door, not visible from the outside, and are not visible from the living room. According to Chinese belief, when guests immediately see the kitchen, it will usually visit a special guest who wants to eat. Other influences, could have too often "leak" the family finances.

Between the kitchen and bathroom, also there should be a distance. Kitchen (fire element) will certainly continue to "fight" with the bathroom (water element), as the theory of five elements. I could have less good health or income residents who have gained will disappear again.

Do not even make the kitchen in the middle of the house. Kitchen will distribute energy to the entire house. Thus, there will be many quarrels or disputes among family members.

The kitchen should not be located in front of the house. This will give the impression that your food come first. Wealth was believed to be lost easily. Generally, the kitchen is located at the rear of the house has good feng shui because the heat energy away from the main frame of the house.

Kitchen with top that opens will bring bad feng shui. Similarly, if the kitchen has a ridge of a roof of glass. Food will evaporate into nature. Hockey too.

Sometimes, the rules of feng shui is contrary to the rules of architecture. In terms of the architect, the kitchen may be located anywhere as long as it has the aesthetic requirements, safety, and comfort.

Instead, according to feng shui, the kitchen must be made in the unfavorable from home. This direction can be determined based on the birth of the head of the household data. The kitchen was not located in the North sector, where the water element. Fire and water are elements that are not in harmony so that it will cause conflicts within the family. Even the stove will go out due to excessive water so that family life will be difficult.

Kitchen is located in the Southern sector will also be getting hotter. South is where the element of fire. Increased heat will cause a fight that is also "hot". Other locations that are not recommended feng shui is next to the bedroom.

The kitchen which is lower than the dining room shows bad feng shui. The residents will be difficult to gain wealth because everyone will "slide down" economic ladder. Likewise, if the stove is placed near a window, the wind will easily extinguish the flame of the stove or in other words, there is no guarantee of a better life.

If there are roof beams, you should be wary. Do not place the stove under it because it would issue a concrete block negative chi energy that will overwrite your rice bowl. Position cooking should also be considered. Do not head out because it was believed the provision would also come out.

The most important thing is the kitchen should be bright, clean, and dry. Complete kitchen with a shelf or drawer storage devices to cook. Do not leave the kitchen a mess because it causes stagnant chi. Perhaps, this last condition, the most acceptable reason by the various parties, is not it?

Saturday, June 11, 2011


A simple house or a luxurious must have the main door of the house that must be passed by the residents and guests. Most doors open into the average. In ancient times the house is not just a shelter against the weather but also serve as a defense from enemy attacks. At that time the door is open towards the barricades against the enemies, thieves, and guests are not invited. Instead the main door that opens out to expel fortune and guests who come also could result in potentially fatal because the residents of the house to fall into poverty / bankruptcy. Currently, because of the uncertain situation of the season, many homes that have double doors in front. Doors are made such that room temperature can be adjusted with the wishes of residents. According to the science of feng shui when you have a house with double doors need to consider the suggestions of Feng Shui.

1. The door is called good if the door inner and outer opening towards the same.

2. The door is not good when the outer door and the door left open to the good in opening to the right so as to give a negative impression and confusing for residents and guests who visit

3. The door is not good if the only open exit and the other inside, residents can have a bad feeling, and may occur less harmony in the family

4. When the trouble to disassemble, doors can be overcome by installing a mirror that is high enough that in addition to the exterior of excess

5. The door is good if the two sets of doors and opening onto the same side is a door that good.

6. For a transparent tunnel should be closed drapes or decorations so as to avoid visibility of the back of the house

7. The entrance front is not good if there are stairs leading to the second floor

8. To anticipate the door of the house in line with the ladder should be given a rather large mirror at the top of the stairs

9. Before building a house should not be made ladder line and is expected to be curved so as not to deal with the main door

Size of the house door is also very very influence of luck residents, expected before building a house please calculate the width and height of their frames so it does not create problems later on. Thus our suggestion may be useful.

Feng Shui Home About Door

Use of material and location of the door should not carelessly. Moreover, the main entrance.

The main entrance is believed to function as a protector of the negative things that come from outside. The main door also plays a role in good or bad luck that comes to families living in it.

Let us consider further how the laying and use of materials that the door should be based on Feng Shui.

1.Use the main entrance of the material must be solid because it provides protection for the home and can keep a bad chi.
2.The size of the main door should not be smaller than the other doors in the house because if the main door is smaller than the other door, stating that the family who lived in the house will be used by others.
3.Try to keep the main door does not open into a small space, but space is vast and dark. But when the main pintiu already home overlooking a narrow area, you can place a mirror on the wall that is not directly facing the main door.
4.Try to keep your main door is directly facing the direction of a straight corridor. To place a separator such as a wall mensiasatinya folding or buffets to deter bad energy.
5.Also, try also for the main door does not face to face With the ever another door that is in the house. Same negative effects as the main door facing the hallway that is straight. Usually a lot going on, the main door facing toilet door, door room with the bedroom door, or door of the room with the door tiolet. So the solution you can put a mirror on the second door facing, or renovate by changing the position of one of the doors. But if the position of one of the doors can not be moved and not enough room, then place a solid separator, especially for the case of main door directly opposite the toilet door.
6.The entrance that opens into the kitchen to make the family fortune be swept away, and there will be competition and a lot of noise.
7.Note also the location of the toilets located on the 2nd floor. Do not let the toilet is located above the main door of the house, because it can be bad. Negative energy from the toilet on the top floor flows downward and can cause serious disruption to the door and bring bad nasih the occupants. To avoid this, you need to change the layout of your home space, especially make sure that above the main door there are no toilets.

Good space layout and planning of great help deter negative energy and bad luck to come.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What Linkages Birthday and Feng Shui Building?

Some time later, the column / property gets a lot of questions about the direction toward building a good / suitable, based on date of birth. For that, it would need to be discussed in particular, to provide a correct understanding of the relationship between date of birth with the building layout based on the science of metaphysics China (Feng Shui and Ba Zi).

Ba Zi (read: pa 'che'), called the Pillar of Life with 8 (eight elements / Eight Characters) Chinese metaphysics is the science that analyzes the person's birth data. The analysis was done by converting the data is born into the elements that make up a particular formation, using solar calendar system (Hsia Calendar - Calendar 10ribu years). From here can be explained various aspects of one's life.

Feng Shui, the principle is the same as Ba Zi, but the object is a building. If for Ba Zi analysis of birth data needed someone, then in feng shui is not only the building's birth data (year / construction period), but also the direction toward the structure / aesthetics of the building. In prkatik feng shui, there are two approaches that should be applied in parallel, namely the form of feng shui and feng shui compass.

Feng shui form, set the room layout and functions that exist within a building (doors, windows, stairs), regardless of direction. For example, the bedroom on the 2nd floor should not be directly above the kitchen (1st floor), the position of the front door and back door is not a straight line and face to face, avoid building on the T-junction (skewers), and others.

Feng shui compass, set the best room placement, based on that form of energy and time because the direction toward its construction. One school of feng shui compass is a Feng Shui Flying Star (Xuan Kong Flying Star). Compared to the form of feng shui, flying star feng shui is more complicated (complicated).

Which is more important, form of feng shui or feng shui compass? The answer: both are equally important. If compared, the feng shui is the hardware of a computer, and feng shui compass is its software. Both are important, complementary, and should support each other. This principle is exactly the same as feng shui.

At this point, it must be stressed that neither the bad feng shui of a building (room-in micro scale), determined solely by the building itself (the principle of feng shui form / compass), not by one's birth data (occupant / owner of the building) .

The arrangement of buildings by utilizing the science of feng shui, should produce a good layout for those who occupy it (especially the main door, bedroom, and kitchen). In other words, feng shui good or bad of a building applies to anyone who occupies, regardless of when she was born, what zodiac, what group (West or East).

So, how the data is born residents (Ba Zi)? If in the previous stage, the arrangement of feng shui is still 'ignore' data is born residents, was likened to tuning a radio in the position of "tuned."

Utilization data is born residents, is to 'fine tuned' it. That is, for rooms and furniture that are personal (personalized), ie bedroom, desk, bed, newly set according to the results of data analysis born inhabitants. Feng shui house which occupies an effect on people, not on who has.

In conclusion, is not appropriate to ask direction toward the building, doors, location of rooms suitable for someone who was born on a certain date. Because that must be analyzed is the feng shui of his buildings first (the direction toward - 24 mountains, and development time), not the occupant of birth data.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Feng Shui Safety

With a high level of mobilization is a factor that led to the possibility of an accident on the road. Jobs at risk causing an accident. Even working at home can also get a crash.

But why a group of people experience the same accident. But not a few of the big events happening there is someone who survived the disaster. Why is this person could have survived. Is there any explanation for this? There. Someone has got the magic. Read superstition.

Feng shui has a fortune-called protection. One is to protect against accidents. General Luck is located at home xxxxxx sector. Whether on the page or in the house. It is advisable to do the activation in accordance with the attributes xxxxxx sector 8 sector.

In addition to activation in xxxxxx sector are also advised to take appropriate sector luck with 4 personal fortune which is calculated from ...
The most important thing is to avoid such misfortunes location Liu Sha and Cheuh Sun 2 locations, calculated from the number KUA is the originator of the accident. And in severe cases occur when the same time a combination of the worst elements of day and day of birth was also a bad day you can-can cause a tragic accident. Even death. So study carefully the 4-way 4-way good luck and misfortune on Personal Feng Shui so that the use of this space is really as it should. Also do not forget to count other family members, for the safety of all occupants of the house.

For the initial stage, at least if you want to travel far look at feng shui calendar prepared for the public. Calendar zodiac is based on daily movements and potentially affect the fate of zodiac. Be careful when there is a bad combination that can be seen on a bad day.

tips : for family protection, Display a peacock feather in the southern sector of the house. And please bring the bird feathers in many colors school bag, briefcase, in vehicles, etc..

Method of finding a life partner or soul mate

Method of finding a life partner or soul mate and friend according to feng shui is very varied. Start by activating the symbols in the home sector and the bedroom.

Marriage is a complicated thing for many people. But feng shui method gives a lot of ways to do a search. Also depending on the status of the person whether he is a widower, widowed and single. Also influence the fate of the person than the zodiac. Because at a certain period in accordance with the concept of fate, zodiac, zodiac twist of fate will always have an arranged marriage ...

Method of finding a life partner or soul mate and friend according to feng shui is very varied. Start by activating the symbols in the home sector and the bedroom.

Marriage is a complicated thing for many people. But feng shui method gives a lot of ways to do a search. Also depending on the status of the person whether he is a widower, widowed and single. Also influence the fate of the person than the zodiac. Because at a certain period in accordance with the concept of fate, zodiac, zodiac twist of fate will always have an arranged marriage. Round the fate of an arranged marriage this sign brings energy states Yin (passive) and Yang (active) on the person concerned. At the time of Yin person feels very passive in terms of mate. At the time the person will be aggressive. There is no better or worse because of feng shui is achieving a state of balance. After the new balanced by specific activation.

The material described here are general for a mate according to the zodiac calculations quite complicated to explain. But this article is really help you to find the right soul mate in accordance with feng shui. And if you find a spouse in accordance with the advice the good fortune will also be smooth.

Feng Shui Mate

The issue is a matter of very special soul mate and probably is the most severe of the entire experience of life. Starting from the search until the wedding. So do not easily find a mate for most people often do we hear that the match had been arranged by God. Feng shui has a method to find a mate so please read the material Jodoh Plus. At least in 2007 there are 7 members managed to find a mate and 3 men to marry. Because marriage is a very special thing in human life then mate plus indofengshui lowering material.

Golden Astrology Allies and Secret Friend
In the world of feng shui astrology zodiac berjodohnya appropriate and I call it a series of three zodiac zodiac match each other always indicates that the husband and wife with zodiac series are people who are rich. Zodiac series is also often called the 'Golden Astrology Allies' so that the practitioners in Asian countries that apply the feng shui trying to find a pair of series. Next year they set a wedding, so if having a first child is also a series that formed "Golden Astrology Allies'.

Business Partners and Other Matters
In addition to determining the zodiac match series is also used for other things as well as the choice of a partner in the business, when new construction, renovation, buying a car, and others are always associated with the zodiac series for example for people with zodiac horse build up in dogs because the house will be paired with us.

Shio Helper
Shio helper is a friend of a certain zodiac which would bring relief in times of trouble, so they can be considered as an adviser and protector. And for the practitioner of astrology is not unusual to have this helper zodiac symbols in the house because it is believed will assist in times of critical decision making or in moments of zodiac is a direct clash with the zodiac year. And an activation of luck for a particular zodiac.

Tingkatkanlah your zodiac fortune by understanding the materials presented in the mate plus. Because the practice of astrology just lucky though practitioners may not apply feng shui. But combining the two materials feng shui and luck mate will create an extra plus.

Fengshui zodiac rabbit

According to Fengshui, usually the person who was born in the rabbit is very lucky in business and shrewd bargaining and are always able to come up with proposals or options that can be beneficial for him. And also shone in the field of law or government. But he also has feelings that tend to vary. In fact, at certain times he seems alienated from their environment.

Prediction of natural disasters in 2011

It is estimated that natural disasters will increasingly occur in 2011. As in 2010, Indonesia has a lot of amazing with natural disasters such as volcano eruption, tsunamis and floods everywhere. In the year 2011 were natural disasters continue to occur even worse and will increasingly dire, especially towards the beginning of 2012 where there will be movement distance of the earth nearest the sun.

Predicted temperature of geothermal energy will increase very dramatically, that there is a prolonged dry season, the difficulty of clean water in certain areas. There will be a devastating drought, Mud on Sidoharjo still smolder and will widen towards Surabaya.

Also predicted there will be a great earthquake which will divide the island of Java in two. For other countries will be war here and there, also will be war of currencies, which currencies and inflation will get out of control.

Luck in 2011

Your spirit will push your luck, but could not calm down without worry because your subjective initiative will play a crucial part of your fortune. There are several ketersendatan under the influence of the dark star, but you can handle at a critical time. Remember that your social network will greatly influence your career and life. Harmony will produce an abundance of fruit.

You will be at harvest time in his career. Rabbit employers will be on the fortunate situation. Just take that opportunity, and you will get more profit from operations. There will be a number of problems, but you will get a solution with perseverance. Your hard work and good attitude will be rewarded with promotions in the level and income. Complete debate gently to avoid a fight. Young people must broaden your horizons of thought, so you will have a brighter future.

Love you a bit dark because you are too busy to have time to brighten your love life. When there are non-sepahaman, spouse or lover does not want to give a reason. Moreover, young lovers would meet separation. Stay calm is the best way. Your luck in general will be impeded by concerns of love life and social networks, so melangkalah carefully to avoid a futile effort.

Good luck in wealth comes with luck in your career, but not exactly the same. Your luck in wealth is so unstable so that it can be easily influenced by many things. Be careful to avoid losing speed. If you can handle accidents and conflicts correctly, your losses will be reduced. Enjoy your good fortune in investing, and you will find luck when your wallet friendly in managing and co-operations.

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Fengshui for business can be divided into several groups, namely fengshui stores, office buildings and office feng shui, feng shui workshops and factories, fengshui restaurants, inns and hotels feng shui, and feng shui related to other service businesses.

For a businessman, the most important objective is to seek material gains, that is money. Business with the risk of death, there are mengelutinya, while the adverse business obviously no one wants to do. Therefore, all conditions must be laid out as possible, including feng shui.

Established companies should pay attention to names and company logos, as well as the selection of a good day for the inauguration is also very important. If everything is good and balanced, only then can obtain the maximum profit.

It is most important in feng shui is the direction of the main door, of course this also applies to all buildings including shops, in addition we need to consider the position of office space and the direction of his office door, where the cashier and the position of teller machines, a new final quality of human resources.

Office buildings and office space related to each other, the main door of the office building should be good, lifts and elevators must be able to transport the Qi energy to every floor of the building, and medistribusikannya kesetiap existing office space, road access in the room must be neat, the door of the office space should be able to welcome Qi and dial into each section, making every corner of the living space wallow good Qi.

Every part of a company, should be styled in accordance with the principles of feng shui, in order to obtain maximum results. Of course, business owners must be the best place, the market development should be in place that can arouse the fighting spirit of people who are in place, the sales must be placed in a position easily won the competition, the administration and accounting must be in place that strengthens concentration , and so on. with a good arrangement, everything will be smooth and profitable abundant.

It should be noted feng shui is the factory gates and out of raw materials and finished materials, doors and out of the employee, the position of main machines, machines that generate high temperature, should not be put in place with concentrated fire star, because it will be easy to fire, machines that require large amounts of water should be placed wherever the water stars are good, with a new way to bring in big profits. Of course, these arrangements must comply with the order procesin work in factories, both systems must be able to support each other support, only then can obtain maximum results.

Fengshui for restourant focuses on the location of the door, the cashier, the position of the kitchen, the exit vegetables, placing the water system, the juices and beverages and the burning fire, of course, also the position of the owner or manager's office. One more thing that can not be forgotten just like that is, rerstourant business-related entertainment, because that arrangement feng shui should be able to generate this side, only to achieve good results.

Other businesses related to arts and entertainment, the arrangement of feng shui is closely related to the composition of peach blossom which is formed by a number loushu, but the emphasis still lies on the main entrance, reception desk, teller machines and office space location of the owner or manager.

There is one thing that is very important, when developing a residential complex or a new isdustri, we must pay attention to feng shui arrangement of road network and water flow, this work is called connecting dragon pulse, so that the feng shui energy to work properly. Another thing that must be considered in designing landscap major project is the system where the emphasis should be placed, in order to control the system and achieve stunning results.

Fengshui HOME STAY

Four major human needs are clothing, food, shelter and travel. Place of residence is a place where people unwind and do all your personal activities, a need that is absolutely necessary and can not be replaced or eliminated just like that.

A good place to live, access roads should be good, be good at the main door and the surrounding environment should be good.

There are two kinds of lodging, ordinary residential houses and apartments.

Terms of feng shui is good ordinary dwelling house as follows, the main door should be located in a good place, the energy obtained should also be good, only then can gain blessings and good luck, bring in financial abundance. Position the kitchen to be precise, especially the position of the stove, he is closely related to the health of building occupants body. The position of the master bedroom is also very important, the position of the bed, and also the location of his bedroom door, because everything that may hamper one's mental health.
For apartments, in addition to all the requirements that exist in ordinary homes, must be coupled with the calculation of the main door of the building, where you are on the floor how and where the corner, the entrance was in the corner where, from a window or patio, whether to see the intersection of the driveway building, and whether they can get good energy from the point of intersection of these roads? All that needs to be calculated carefully, because it concerns the welfare and peace of its inhabitants.

We often hear people stricken with the disease is unclear origin, the disease is not clear as it is often times caused by the arrangement of feng shui is wrong, so do not ignore it just like that.

Know Your Home Fengshui

Seluruh ajaran fengshui adalah berdasarkan prinsip: "menempatkan obyek di tempat yang tempat untuk harmoni dan keseimbangan diri Anda, alami, dan mengglobal". Berikut pandangan fengshui rumah secara umum:

* Fengshui klasik untuk lokasi rumah adalah: harus memiliki bukit yang tinggi di belakang rumah, dua bukit kecil di depan, dan pandangan yang luas. Lebih baik lagi jika ada air di depan.

* Anda harus berjalan naik di tempat Anda daripada turun.

* Pintu depan dan belakang rumah atau kantor tidak boleh sejajar agar chi yang memberikan keuntungan pada Anda dan keluarga tidak langsung keluar.

* Bangunan tidak boleh berlokasi pada posisi tusuk sate atau di ujung dua jalan yang saling berhubungan membentuk huruf T atau di tengah pertemuan tiga jalan yang membentuk huruf Y.

* Pondasi gedung hendaknya harus berbentuk kotak atau bujur sangkar yang menggambarkan keseimbangan. Hindari garis-garis aneh atau tak beraturan.

* Jika ada elemen air seperti sungai atau danau di rumah Anda, pastikan alirannya lambat dan berlokasi di depan sebagai simbol kekayaan akan datang menghampiri Anda. Jika berada di belakang artinya kekayaan akan mengalir menjauhi kita.

* Area depan dan samping pintu masuk utama dari rumah atau kantor Anda harus tak terhalang agar aliran chi dapat masuk.

* Tempat tidur utama harus berlokasi di belakang garis pusat horisontal rumah untuk kekuatan, dukungan, dan proteksi.

* Seluruh pintu dan jendela-jendela harus terbuka bebas meskipun Anda menggunakannya atau tidak.

* Hindari properti dekat menara pembangkit, transformer, gereja, sekolah, kantor pemerintah dan gedung institusi lain, rumah sakit, kuburan, dan kamar mayat.

* Hindari membuat kamar mandi atau toilet dekat atau di dalam pintu masuk utama yang terlihat seketika ketika Anda masuk rumah. Juga jangan membangun kamar mandi di lantai dua yang langsung di atas pintu masuk utama. Posisi seperti ini bisa mengakibatkan kesialan atau malapetaka pesar.

* Bentuk bangunan dengan desain arsitektur bagus sesuai ekologi, topografi, dan konservasi dengan lalu lintas udara bersih dan sirkulasi udara yang bagus.

Feng Shui Tips Knowing Your House Number

The concept of numbers or numbers are the thing that counts in fengsui. Many believe, the figure implies a lot of things so that the term good numbers and bad numbers. Fengsui number 4 for example, are often poorly defined due to a misunderstanding of a particular cultural interpretation.

In connection with your home, every detail is important in analyzing fengsui, including house number. Even so, whether it is wise to say, there is fengsui good, or bad fengsui in house number? Then, how do you respond fengsui with the fact that your house number is considered to have fengsui bad?

Well, it's good if you look at this issue with a broader perspective.

When you connect more deeply with the energy of your home, you'll begin to understand how fengsui from the bedroom, for example, affect your health, or fengsui at the main entrance to strengthen the overall energy of your home.

In addition it is important to notice detail while improving fengsui home, it is also important means to calm and wise when addressing the concept of a false fengsui fengsui like the house number. So, if you believe that house numbers be a source of misfortune, of course it's not a smart attitude.

The best way to understand the pure energy of the figures are looking into numerology or the ancient science of numbers. Once you browse some good sources of numerology, you'll begin to see similarities between them and energy to understand more about specific numbers, or a combination of numbers. You will also understand that each culture has interpretations rather different to the meaning of the figures.

Energy from the figures, as well as other energy in life, always coming to help understand your progress. Once you feel the meaning of the numbers 0 through 9, you can then add your house number to find single-digit numbers and their meanings.

Do not interpret the meaning of the figures directly. For example, if your house number is 313, that if add up (3 + 1 + 3) means 7, and one of the tendency of the number 7 is the silence / solitude, do not interpret that will remain alone forever.

Try to respond wisely. Words can only express a limited basis. You should feel the energy behind those words.

This is a very basic sense of energy figures:

0 - emptiness, nothingness, the potential
1 - energy flow without obstruction, the beginning-a new beginning
2 - balance, choice, cooperation
3 - creativity, family, self declaration
4 - stability, grounding, security
5 - change, power stands logic, adventure
6 - calm, patience
7 - contemplation, self-evaluation, loneliness
8 - infinity, abundance, success in business
9 - the highest number, fulfillment, achievement.

In fengsui, energy figures tend to be interpreted incorrectly, such as the traditional interpretation of figures based on how the sound of the numbers in Chinese. For example, the number 4 is considered unlucky because it sounds like "death". If that figure 4 does not sound like "death" in your language, why you should worry have a house with that number?

Of course, this is the basic concept of house numbers in feng shui. One expert fengsui can read more specific energy patterns from a combination of the numbers of your home, but even this is not simply a matter of good or bad fengsui. This is all just about energy, and you certainly know when you can create good energy when you take a decision.