Monday, March 20, 2006

Knowledge & Education - Northeast

If you are interested in furthering your education, have children in school or going
away to college, activation of this section will help you accomplish your goals in
this area.

If your home is large enough to have an extra room for a library, this is the place
where it should be placed. If you do not have the room, put a nice bookcase in this
section with good reading material for both you and your children. Educational
books placed here will help ensure a good education for your children.

Placing pictures of the schools your children wish to attend in this northeast section will improve their chances for admittance.

Benefactors & Mentors - Northwest

In your Benefactors or Mentors corner, place pictures of anyone who can help you
achieve your goals in this section of your home. You can display pictures of the
place of employment, or of your employers.

If you wish to work in a different place, take a picture and place it here. You can
place anything metal, such as a statue of someone, in this area. Whatever your
profession, putting pictures here of those you wish to be like or would like to follow in their footsteps will increase your chances for success.

I once did a Feng Shui for a lady who wanted to work for a certain company. She
took some photos of the company, placed them in this area of her home. After filling
out an application, she was called three weeks later to work for them.

Health & Family Corner - East

Due to the developed (and sometimes overdeveloped) areas we are living in at this
time, it is more important than ever to implement principles of Feng Shui in our
environment so that we may have good health.

Not so long ago, the majority of people lived in the country close to nature, which
is good from a Feng Shui point of view. Most people are now city dwellers because
of the need to be near their work.

In this new world of modern technology, this, too, is changing. More and more
people are connecting and working with their computers through the Internet, giving
them the ability to work from a home in the countryside. This will almost certainly
produce healthier individuals. We have almost forgotten how important
exposure to nature is to our health and well-being. Feng Shui is a reminder to pay
attention to the revitalizing effect nature has on our inner being. Feng shui teaches
us that certain places have better energy than others. Living near nature is a sure
sign of having better health, and gives us energy, vitality and the zest for living.
Once feng shui principles are implemented, we feel healthy, alive and filled with

When we live in a city, it is necessary to activate our surroundings in order to
achieve a healthy body and mind. If you live in a place where you are always ill,
you may be located where the energy running through the veins of the earth is
detrimental or incompatible with your energy.

Another possibility with ill health or fortune, is living in a place where “poison
arrows” shoot at you while you sleep or work. Poison arrows are any sharp, pointed
objects, including sharp corners from other buildings pointing toward your
front door or bedroom. If you are sleeping or lying in the direct path of such energy
for long periods of time, this can cause ill health to the point where you will not
be able to recover.

These poison arrows can also cause you to lose your wealth. Having financial
problems can also contribute to ill health.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Marrige & Romance Corner - Southwest

Feng Shui can enhance your love or married life. If your love life is inactive, you
will see a change in your luck when this part of the house is activated.

If you feel that your marriage needs reviving, this is a sure corner to work on and
activate immediately. The section that rules marriage and romance is the Southwest corner of your home. You can also activate the southwest corner in each room, placing fresh flowers there. If you cannot place fresh flowers weekly in the home, artificial or silk flowers will do). You will find that fresh flowers provide
much better energy.

Never, never use dried flowers or have dying flowers or plants around. Dead or
dying flowers have a very negative influence wherever they are placed.
Cacti, or thorny or prickly plants, can cause arguments among family members.
Luxuriant green plants with large leaves placed around the house bring good energy,
but be careful about placing too much green in this corner. This corner is of the
earth element, and plants (considered to be wood) are not an inherently beneficial

Placing a pair of crystal swans or mandarin ducks or a pair of anything in this section will activate love or romance. Crystal is the primary element for the southwest section, so anything made with crystal would be better. Bathrooms should never be located in this section of the house. A bathroom here is a sure sign of problems in a marriage. If a bathroom is located in this section and you have other bathrooms in the house, use the others and try not to use this one.

Place a mirror on the door and keep the door closed at all times with the toilet seat

Activate your Wealth Corner - Southeast

The wealth or money corner is the Southeast section of a room or house. You must
also activate the North section, as this represents the career section that brings in

You can place a small red envelope with a few coins of money in the southeast section. Crystals cannot be placed in this section unless it is citrine. Crystals are
unlucky in the Southeast except for citrine. Citrine will enhance your money energy.
As this section represents the wood element, thriving green plants placed here
will also increase your opportunities for increasing your income. Using the North
element of water in your Southeast section in the form of goldfish tanks, or
small water fountains will also bring luck with finances.

There are different formulas and methods for better living and working conditions.
Irrespective of the methods used, all symbols bring the same results. The southeast section is the most important to activate when you want to improve your financial situation. The wood element is at home in this area, so bring in a lush green plant. Make sure this area is filled with a bright light.

In my home, I have placed in this area a small Wells Fargo Stagecoach bank that
someone gave me as a gift. The bank is full of coins. Since water is beneficial to
the wood element, a small fountain or fish tank placed here will bring more

Metal should never be placed in this area except for a few coins in a red envelope.

The PaKua - A Compass for your Life

Included on the PaKua, the eight-sided octagon instrument, are the directions, colors,elements and everything that affects an individual.
There are four lucky directions and four unlucky directions and they are all different
for each person depending on their Kua number. When you make changes, the
methods you use to eliminate negative energies need not entail elaborate adjustments.
The solution usually lies in changing your furniture, removing dead plants
and clutter, and placing symbols such as green plants, fountains, and goldfish
A number of things will help you attract more money, enhance your love life and
guard against ill health.
You must not have sharp pointed objects from the outside or inside pointing
toward you as you work or sleep. Sharp points inside can come from corners of
tables, bookshelves, and sharp objects hanging on your walls (ornamental swords,
for example). Outside your home or office, things like houses, buildings, church
steeples, telephone poles, street lights and power lines can provide “poison
arrows.” Guarding against all of these things plays an important part in staying
healthy, happy and succeeding in your business and personal life.
Maintaining good ch’i energy in both your home and business is the source of
peace and prosperity. Having too much fast, flowing energy is as bad as not having
enough. All things need to have balance. Too many windows or doors aren’t
good for a home, nor too few.

An important part for ensuring good Feng Shui is the proper interpretation of the
elements in their productive cycle. There are five elements that cover the nine sections
of the home and the property. Placements of these elements are all important.

The Metal Element represents the west section and the color white. This is also the health of the children, their well-being and family life in general. The Kua number is Seven. Seven is of the west group people. The metal element also represents
the Northwest section. The color is also white. This is the benefactors section and should be activated by placing pictures of objects or places or people who will help you on your path to success. The Earth Element represents the center of the
house, and the Southwest sections. The Center encompasses all of the elements. Southwest represents the color gold, the marriage corner, family happiness and the Kua number Two of the PaKua. Two belongs to the West group. The Earth Element
also represents the Northeast section and the color for this section is gold. This section should be activated if you wish to gain knowledge or want to go back
to school. Also, if you wish your children to get a good education, this is the section where you should place the best educational books and pictures of the schools you want your children to attend. The Kua number for this section is Eight.
The Water Element represents the North. This section rules the career, and the ability for making money. Its colors are blue or black. The Kua number is One. This section should be activated if you want to get ahead in your professional world.

The Wood Element represents the East. The Kua number is three. The color for this section is the color green. It is also the section for health. If you want the quality of your life to improve, along with your health this is the section that should be activated with green plants and bamboo. Bamboo is considered to be the
best element to be placed in this section.

The Wood Element also represents the Southeast. The color is also green or jade. This section represents the wealth of the family and saving money. The Kua number is
Four. If you wish to have money, activate this section by placing green plants, a red
envelope with a few coins inside, and since the element of water is beneficial to the wood element, you can also place a small fountain or fish tank in
this location. The Fire Element represents the South section. The color for South is the color red. It represents your ability to become famous. South’s Kua number
is Nine. If you wish to become well known and successful in your field, activate this section by placing a horse, turtle, or elephant (with the trunk up) in this area. You can also place a world globe in this section of the house. The globe placed here and twirled from time to time will insure your work goes around the world.

You should definitely place something with the color red in this area of the house. Red is powerful for attracting anything, and is considered to be the strongest color of all. All forms of red colors, such as purple, mauves, and dark orange are considered to be of the red color. You must be careful how and where you use colors in your home. If used in the wrong location and not lucky for your special Kua number, they can be detrimental to your health. Again, the keyword is balance. Balanced color in your home is good. If your color, for instance, is gold, you can use lots of gold, but you must use caution with green as that color would cause health problems. Knowing the importance of color and balancing its placement is most important. If you are a Fire person, you can use lots of red in your home, but too much metal or the color white would not be good for you. If you are a water person, you can also have too much white in your home. Greens and pale blues would be good for you. Green is a good and lucky color if you are of the water or wood element. Plants and water fountains are also good for the wood element.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Pay Attention to Directions


Represents the flow of energy for earning money and should be activated with the color blue and the element of water. North is considered cold and damp. It is the wintertime, when things lay dormant. Water produces wealth. We cannot live without water.We also cannot live without having money in our lives, so this section is very important to both our health and wealth. Water fountains, fish tanks and even a picture with the view of water are all important ways to enhance the earning of money. If you are an East group person, you can have your door facing north. It is not a good direction, however, if you are a West group person. North can be activated to bring in money for both East and West people. It may be a little confusing, but as time goes by and you as you become more familiar with feng shui, you will have a better understanding of the elements with the directions and colors. Feng Shui is such a deep subject you cannot possibly get all the information from any book, but it is a beginning.

Represents the flow of energy for knowledge and should be activated with the
color gold. The earth element is for the Northeast section. The earth element represents wisdom, honesty, and reliability. Placing clay, crystals or a bookcase in this ection will encourage the gathering of knowledge. Place a photo here of the
school you wish your child to attend.

Represents the flow of energy for your health and well-being. This element rules
springtime. It is the time of year when all plants and things in the earth come to
life. The sun rises in the East. Wood is the element that helps us to stay healthy.
If you do not have enough green plants or living things in your environment, you
will not feel alive. Green plants or a nice bamboo plant placed in this section helps
you achieve a happy, healthy life.

SOUTHEASTThe section of the wood element. This section represents the money or wealth section of the home. In this section of the house, it is very important to place a flourishing green plant, a small fountain or fish tank, and a red envelope containing some coins. If you are an East group person, you could paint this wall green.


The section for the flow of fire energy. We could not live long without sunlight.
Fire and South represents the sun, and the heat created by the sun. This is energy
created during the summer months of the year. American Indians realized the value
of fire, which is a regular part of their ceremonies. The Kitchen is of the fire energy. It represents the stove, without which we could not eat properly.
The fireplace in your home is considered part of the fire energy when lit. This section represents the energy we send out to the world and what we get in return in
the form of fame, success, wealth and recognition.

This is the flow of the earth and symbolizes one of the most important elements,
your marriage or relationship. Everyone is looking for a good relationship if they
do not already have one. Sometimes it seems this is the hardest thing of all to come
together. The colors to place here are yellows and gold tones. Use a pair of things,
like mandarin ducks or crystal swans. Anything crystal in this corner helps to activate your romance or love life. Mandarin ducks have brightly colored plumage and
a crested head

I have done many feng shui consultations for people who are single and want a
relationship. When I go into their homes, I commonly see an abundance of single
things: single people in pictures, one bird, one candle, a single flower, and so on.
Things should be grouped in pairs to set the stage for a good relationship.

Represents the flow of energy for your children’s health, their schooling and overall
well-being. This is where the metal element rules, and the color white, which
is considered pure.

Placing copper, brass or other metals in this area helps to balance out this section.
Metal is the element that needs to be balanced the most in order to feel in harmony
with life. Venus rules this element, and as you know, too much Venus or too little
throws us off balance. Most business offices have too much metal and are often
out of balance due to the fact they do not have enough green plants and other elements to offset the metal.

It is also of the metal element. This area is the section that rules our benefactors or mentors. Place a metal statue in this area to give you support, or an image (in an
attractive metal frame) of a person who can help your career.

Lucky Objects to Place in your Environment

The Chinese believe in the symbolism of all things, including animals for a better life for longevity, health and happiness. The lions, deer, elephants, turtles, horses, frogs and the three important gods placed in your home will ensure a well balanced life of abundance. We can easily see the influence of the past in Europe, where we see guardian lions providing protection to many front doors of businesses and homes.

Three lucky gods are Fuk, Luk and Sau. I have never been in a Chinese home that did not have these three gods. They should be placed in a high position, or position of prominence, in your home or office.

Shortly after I got mine, a friend came to visit and was staring at the little guys. Finally she said, after a long time of looking at them, “They are the three wise men from the East that came bringing gifts when Jesus was born!” I had never thought of it in that way, but it makes sense. They are of great importance to the Chinese people. Fuk is the god of wealth and happiness. Luk is the god of importance and affluence and Sau is the god of health and longevity.

There are so many things you can use to create more abundance in your life.

Bright lights placed in dark spaces of your home enhance your chances for making
more money, especially when placed in the wealth section.