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Feng Shui Living

Feng Shui Living

Lounge is a place where the whole family get together and chat. Feng shui room is good, you can enhance harmony, prosperity and success for the whole family. Thus, according to feng shui, this part should be addressed.

Family room or a rectangular box is very profitable. If the main door opens into the room, avoiding the window opposite. In addition, no property to a high cabinet or adjacent seat too close to the front door.

Lantadan first family room design, preferably in uniform. In the past, there is a tendency in the use of marble or ceramic fractures arranged in zigzag. This will show the irregular shape and unclear to the family room.

If a fantasy family room floor, because it uses wood, parquet floors (wood flooring fantasy), or the pattern of the carpet, draw lines that are of the form does not form a cross or a triangle dangerous. A straight line between the front door of the room in the house who are towing. However, if the line extends out from the EH / flows outside. So you should avoid the style of it.

In the living room, the ceiling can improve your Feng Shui, and can also cause misery. Avoid roof design with sharp edges or wall box. It is good if the ceiling of the central part of the room is empty, so you can hang your feng shui enhancers and crystal chandeliers.

Crooked wood trusses, or seen, can seriously affect the feng shui of your living room. Fixing protruding wooden beams, the same as the bolt protruding. If you have a sloping roof, to correct the imbalance by increasing Chi. How can I use the lights in the ceiling is low.

Many of the buildings have to connect the circular mezzanine. While the view of the interiors, beautiful like that, but in fact, spiral staircase to create negative energy and not very profitable for the house. If you have a ladder at home and try to replace it with a normal scale and strong.

Settings sofa and coffee table in the living room, an advantage if, in general, have a rounded design. L-shaped arrangement is not recommended because it will lead to a certain extent. Of course, this will cause adverse air. Very well put the coffee table and sofa in the center surrounded.

New furniture is preferable to the antique furniture, unless you really understand about the origin of antique furniture. Not a good idea to bring old furniture in the house, because it can collect a lot of negative energy, or energy, which is very tragic. Avoid heavy carved cabinets, and decorative animals. Energy heavy wardrobe swallows a small house. Better interior furnishings with simple lines. Limits cabinet design, diamonds and other pointing will not bring happiness.

Choose furniture that has a door instead of shelves only way. Library with doors that do not describe the threat to prosperity in general. Influence of the library with doors is not a career that does not end with a good way

Monday, August 15, 2011

Feng Shui for Sensual Energy

Feng Shui for Sensual Energy

Did you know the layout of the room became affect sex life. The Chinese believe that Feng Shui can be used to improve the quality of life by balancing the energy stored in a physical space.

Bedroom with a good Feng Shui can create a smooth flow of energy and sensual you awake each morning with a pleasant atmosphere. The result, your libido may be even higher.

Well, no, the curious, here the media give women some tips for creating an attractive bedroom Feng Shui is based on:

Choose color

The room is a place of relaxation and love. Therefore, be sure to choose colors that exude warmth and the feminine side of the interior, such as burgundy, red, purple and pink. As an added value, are the warm colors, also to be able to create a calming effect.

Keep the air flow

To maintain the flow of air in the room, windows wide open or the installation of water purifier. You can not create a good Feng Shui, if the compressed air in the room.

Adjust the bed

Position in bed must be arranged so that the entire face of the door, but not be positioned exactly parallel. Sleep with the right foot towards the door, known as the "coffin position" and may invite negative energy (Chi).

Get rid of family photos

Get rid of all the images of family and friends of the room, or at least keep out of sight, while in bed. You definitely do not want to see a family photo, while an action of great heat in bed.

Impression of luxury

Invest money for a set of high quality fabrics such as silk or satin for a luxurious feel and taste level.

Adjust lighting

Adjust room lighting so that the soft light and not too bright. In addition to saving aromatherapy candles inspiring feeling attractive, and put some soft music to help create a relaxed atmosphere.

Maximize the female energy

Get rid of anything that reminds you of a job in the office. Move the desk, books, laptops, television and sports equipment to another room, or keep out of sight. According to Feng Shui, the imported goods in the room a masculine energy. In fact, as femininlah want to maximize the energy here.

Getting rid of the mirror

Having a mirror in the room may seem sexy. But according to Feng Shui, the mirror is actually a symbol of arrogance, which is bad for Chi. But if you can not move the mirror from another room, you can still wrapped in cloth when he sleeps at night.

Choose a room decoration

Be careful when choosing an image object hanging above the bed, because the Chinese believe, all that hanging over your head goes into sleep at night.

Maintain neat

In addition to the above questions, the best way to create good Feng Shui is to maintain cleanliness and neatness of a bedroom. The positive energy that flows in will give you an energy boost to your sex life.

Fengshui Expert Advice Ask Before Gambling

Fengshui Expert Advice Ask Before Gambling

Wear red if you want to win at Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore, but wearing a white color to increase your luck at the casino opponents, Resorts World Sentosa.

That said, Danny Cheong feng shui experts, whose expertise was sought with the opening of two city-states first casino resort last year.

"Before, I sometimes have clients who ask for help to play the lottery or horse racing," said Cheong, 50, of Singapore, who studied in Hong Kong. "Now everyone wants advice on the casino."

Two massive casino resort in Singapore, which claimed the construction of over 10 billion dollars, the culmination of a ten-year effort to diversify the economy of the island to services such as tourism and finance, and reduce dependence on manufacturing. The two casinos have created more than 20,000 jobs, helping to attract visitors in record numbers, and to promote the economic growth of 14.7 percent last year, most likely the second highest in the world after Qatar.

The GDP grew by 12.5 percent in October to December compared to years ago, an increase of 10.5 percent in the third quarter, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said on Monday.

Singapore, which in recent decades it has lost most of manufacturing to low wage countries in the region such as China and Vietnam have focused on exporting more value-added products such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturing grew by 28 percent in the fourth quarter last year, while services grew 8.8 percent and construction decreased by 1.2 percent, the ministry said.

This year, the station will contribute about 1.7 percent of GDP growth in the economy, according to DBS Bank of Singapore is expected to slow but still grow by 7 percent. The government estimates that economic growth between 4 and 6 percent in 2011.

Singapore has also benefited from strong economic growth in Asia led by China. Almost all the growth in tourism last year came from neighboring countries and for the first time, Chinese demand will likely demand for exports from Singapore will pass the U.S. in 2010.

In an effort to attract visitors from China, the seasons of play incorporating the principles of feng shui and other Chinese confidence in its design and operation. Resorts World to open the casino at 8:28 on February 14 when the Marina Bay Sands opens March 27 at 15:18 because eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture.

Singapore, which has a population of 5 million people visited an average of about 1 million visitors per month. That number jumped 20 percent during the first eleven months of last year compared to the same period in 2009.

Resorts has also been designed to be expanded this year to increase economic growth and tourism. Marina Bay Sands, which is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp., is scheduled for the first ArtScience museum world in February. So it's Genting Resorts World Bhd Xperiential Maritime Museum will open this summer, with two hotels and a fleet of marine life opens before continuing.

Merchant has resorts and shopping malls in Orchard Road, has also benefited from increased tourism, with tourist spending grew by 47 per cent of 13.7 billion Singapore dollars in January-September period, compared to the previous year .

Which also benefited from feng shui experts, such as Cheong, who for 22 years has advised companies such as Pizza Hut, Renault, and department stores Robinsons on how to attract good energy or Qi.

The player must pay 500 Singapore dollars for the session of "the attainment of wealth" advice on how to beat the casinos where Cheong analyze the date and time of the birth of a client to advise on all clothing directions on a map table

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3 pieces lined doors lead to disaster

3 pieces lined doors lead to disaster

some time ago that there are parents who have visited my house, when you look at the family room, he said he is a good Feng Shui of my home because the family room, there are three pieces of door . This happens because we have three rooms next to each other. He said the occupants of the rooms are in the middle will be the pressure of a second fortune in the next occupants. Moreover, the location of sleep in the center of the space is used by our first daughter, when he said that one day our daughter will be difficult to find a partner. What we want to ask what is the solution to the incidence of adverse events did not happen?

First I will first discuss the basic concepts of Feng Shui is about 3 pieces of the door that lined one wall, which is considered bad, or it can cause difficulty in finding a mate or wealth.

It 'true that this condition can cause adverse effects, which causes a loss of fortune or hard to get a boy. Maybe it's time I spoke, that these side effects may occur. But this was not necessarily created as seriously affected by mysticism. These events must be logically explained, and if you know the basic idea, you can easily solve these problems.

Position, the door to a row of three or more, usually two rooms on the other end may be the ventilation and lighting directly from the front or back garden, and indirectly, to prevent middle of the room. So, in general, a space can only rely on ventilation and space of light and ventilation and lighting in the room will be less good. Then automatically cause this condition in the middle of the room without light and air flow, humidity and unhealthy then. Finally, the residents, who in the same room could do with disease, sleeping soundly, and a body that is not good.

Not wrong if it causes residents can not function properly, a lot of exit costs for treatment. So do not be surprised if he lost his fortune. So with a disease state physics, the course will face be lethargic, unenthusiastic and seemed confused every day. No wonder, even if that person would be difficult to get a companion.

In the case of Mr. houses, where a draft plan of the house to connect, I see the architect who designed the house that you have paid enough attention to the aspects of lighting and ventilation. Because even if it is 3 pieces next to each bedroom, each room is still outside the window of each, so that the flow of air and natural light can still enjoy the center of the room. So, even if the door is a 3 pc, lined one side, does not cause side effects, family life, father, or father, especially a princess.

We hope that this explanation may be sufficient to help you and other readers.

Friday, August 12, 2011

homes and salons

homes and salons

My house type and location of 21 north-facing door facing west. I wanted to ask: I have a salon which I unite with the living room and is limited by a partition to separate between the salon and living room. Is it good when the salon door and front door mounted side by side, or one door is enough? My husband with shio chicken and my shio is rabbit.

I take issue is the mother of the Mother of the house currently has two functions, ie acts as a dwelling place of business at the same time, in this case the Salon.

Based on the general principles of Feng Shui is the real function of residence in energy Yin (passive), while the premises are based on Yang (active). So in reality, these two functions have opposite properties. The function requires more than a quiet residential atmosphere, while the institution, which works best when placed in a more active role to create a greater passion in work.

With these considerations, the ideal is between the functions of housing are not united in one building for the second time this function is contradictory. Have affected the function of workplace due to the atmosphere of the Yin energy work, so at work, the feeling is less enthusiastic. Or you could work interrupted residential environment is so difficult for the rest of the family as a result of Yang energy, which normally provide innate want to continue working (workaholic). In short, the lack of nursing homes.

When my mother saw the case at this point may be his business operated for a time lived just before it gets a little research. About the functions that the power is interrupted, if the energy is Yin or Yang are more dominant. When Yin is more dominant, can be considered as a new place as a place of work and restore the function of this building as a dwelling. But if you are highly developed venture capital automatically Yang energy is more dominant, then you should consider to find shelter new and old buildings can be fully used as a place of business.

Now, a separate entrance from two different ports, and two separate tasks, using sections is a good idea. Since then at least two activities are separate entrance and its activities, so as not to interfere with each other. But the note is also space for scale, proportion and arrangement, of course, because the placement of two pieces of the building will have enough room door. If the share is still nice to have two inputs is a good solution. But when the effect of narrow houses, may be even better if you use one piece door, trying to run a small study that I recommend. Hopefully useful

Steps in Analyzing Feng Shui

Steps in Analyzing Feng Shui

I am interested in building a house with the principles of Feng Shui. Why are things I have to prepare my home Feng Shui can be specified with the other?

From what I've read so far, I know that Feng Shui is necessary to determine the direction of the residents of buildings and date of birth. Whether and to what data are needed?

As you know, is in the process of designing the home with Feng Shui is the sensory information into the building and its occupants birth data.

Direction toward the front of the building is determined by the direction of the compass. Orientation towards the buildings needed to determine the method based on the Flying Star / Fei Xing. Generally, most customers or readers know the direction in the title only to build it according to the standard position of the sun. Let the sun rises from the front of the house, which is based on the front of the house to the east of reference. Based on these data, they typically have done, that the house than it was a good Feng Shui 's (east of plots are usually more expensive). Although Feng Shui is necessary to analyze the direction towards the construction of a scale the degree of her, because of 1 or 2 degrees can be calculated by a variety of. This is because within the compass of Feng Shui, each direction of the wind is divided into three sectors, namely sectors 1, 2 and Sector East area

Each sector represents a different model of energy as seen in the picture below. After knowing the direction of the compass, we can make a map of energy that can be used as a reference position that is suitable for any function of state building.

As a result, the real analysis is complete Feng Shui analysis of passengers did not make the date of birth. In order for the science of Feng Shui is more directed at how to adjust the layout of the building in accordance with good energy. Although the inhabitants of the element analysis is based on the actual date of birth, belonged to the Feng Shui analysis, but it is essentially on an analysis of passengers' birth can be combined with the analysis of Feng Shui. In general, the analysis of birth has been calculated in a single year of his birth, but I think that this calculation is less accurate. Each person is born the same year, not necessarily the same characters. Then the general information necessary for the overall population was born since then, months, years or even hours of birth. Based on these data we are able to know your element, and what are the elements he needed. It also has instructions for every responsible person. From information obtained after the fusion of Feng Shui of the building, in order to obtain the best results. It is hoped to help.

child's bedroom above the kitchen led to heavy soul mate?

child's bedroom above the kitchen led to heavy soul mate?

how the relationship between Feng Shui problem with matchmaking. I have a daughter whose career works pretty well, friend - the friend was a lot, but so far there is also married, and he is still at 33.

I told this to my friend, who happened to be a bit 'too much to understand about Feng Shui. It seemed that after the analysis of a friend, he found a place in the nursery has over my kitchen. And he told me that my child is too active in the work and romancenya the star to burn, making it difficult to find a soul mate. It 'really?

With regard to the difficult problem of finding a wonderful companion, actually many factors that affect it, not necessarily the cause of this problem is of Feng Shui. Therefore, we should first examine what the root of the problem. Many of shame, many people are already jumping to conclusions from one or two factors alone, and immediately concluded that the problem is the problem with Feng Shui.

For the theory of Feng Shui that can be linked to match-making problems, such as placing a ban on sleeping space above or next to the kitchen, not really cause specific problems of twinning. In fact, in general, Feng Shui theory says it is not good for the room above and next to the kitchen. But first I want to say in advance that the basic concept, why is not good.

Room was old kitchen with wood burning stove, which is usually the cause of the smoke during cooking, so that seems a little 'dark and narrow. Not to mention the fan unnoticed exhoust time. Then the room near the kitchen suffered smoke. In addition, when the two-story house (the floor was still using wood, had no concrete), a room directly above the kitchen is exposed to pollution from combustion smoke directly to the kitchen, because the gap between wood floors and access . So people who sleep on the floor above and next to the kitchen had been disturbed. Small amounts of leakage, black spot, the room smells, and uncomfortable to sleep. Certainly, this is very annoying.

Inconvenience this will cause people who use the room is next to the kitchen or upstairs in the kitchen is easily hurt, and the effect is very extensive, including decline in performance (the poor in economic terms) His face sank, because often ill patient (not interesting). Then people will automatically unattractive difficult to get a companion.

For modern times, as technology is increasingly sophisticated cuisine, extractor hood as a means to absorb the vapors, on the ground floor was commonly used in practice, so this theory has not become a big problem.

Well I think this concept is to know in advance. So it's not necessarily a problem position in space just above the kitchen will create problems of twinning. If the condition of the child's mother was always in a clean, rarely sick, and can still look attractive, so the questions may not come from the factor in Feng Shui and the need to review the case.

position adjoining bedroom with dining room or kitchen

position adjoining bedroom with dining room or kitchen

if the location of the room next to the dining room and kitchen? or the side of good feng shui? given our limited territory
their position in the bed next to the dining room or kitchen is usually difficult to be probably a good or bad. Because feng shui should be analyzed the existence of this position in the bedroom to place dicheck in the region from which the building (for example, the position in the north-west of building). Then this position should dicheck energy policies based on the energy pattern of the direction the building, this disc is an energy that corresponds to the operating room with good energy for the passive activity or not. So to find out in detail, if the unit is a large bedroom or not, we need information on the direction the construction plans. Unfortunately, Mr. Gunawan not have the information, so I can not discuss it in detail.

However, I will discuss in general, usually a layman who has become a question of the role of the bedroom next to the kitchen or dining room is because many people say that putting the bedroom next to the kitchen of a person's weight can lead to mate. This is similar to what I discussed in previous editions of the title of "cause greater weight Jodoh nursery kitchen." So you can read the article discussed a bit 'on the bedroom next to the kitchen, more or less the same explanation. So, to save space, this position does not cause the problem.

Perhaps the most necessary to be noticed and have not been discussed in the previous article is in the position of the bed in the room when it is right next to the kitchen, which has a small problem is that if the head position against wall directly behind him is a stove or sink. It is based on the analysis of Feng Shui is not as good. Logically, the status of construction today can be explained, ie, when the position of the head against the wall directly behind him is a stove or sink, suppose that one day someone is sleeping in his bed, while others are cooking or washing dishes, most of the noise in the kitchen activities will be heard by someone who once slept, then this could destabilize at rest, which indirectly lead to things - things who are not so well against a person's health or performance. Especially if there is a discharge channel, and the wall is wet, and is likely to affect the health of people using these beds.
Position bed, so it's good not directly attached to the wall, which contained a stove or sink.

Around the dining room next to the resting position is not usually a problem. Since the dining room is not things that can interfere with the peace and the same type, such as energy, which requires energy, which is passive, the second case, a kitchen area which requires energies that are active. It is hoped to help.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Position the stove and the sink opposite each other

Position the stove and the sink opposite each other

I have things that I will pray the Father comes to the kitchen. Our house faces east and many articles saying that the stove should face the south and the sink facing north. When, in this case I do not know how to see the position on the pan. And if you mean the north and south, stove and washing her face to face, where the rules of feng shui in the sink and stove should not be opposed. Felix Can you help me to see my floor plan attached, if the feng shui of my matches kuanya 9?

If the problem is a kitchen, try to first explain the basic theory of the articles are often mothers read, because the station is in front of the stove or in the south location, and location in the sink, or laundry receptacle, or able to display North. Explained above, but also of their situation and the direction in two different things, analyzing the status of weight over the ovens, sedangkanarah hadapnya usually put more effort in this direction, which is a good energy to its residents. (Direction to the stove is in the opposite direction to someone when cooking)

Stove natural elements like fire, so in theory should be the basis of Feng Shui is a suitable location in the south, east or south because of the role and status of fire south-east or south Wood two elements are part of harmony between the elements of fire, which supports each other, while the wood element Fire Support element.

A sink or basin, including the nature of the elements of water, so that if a suitable position in the North, West and Northwest, as the position and the position of the water Northwest metal or where Water compatriots element support each other, while the metal support element of the element of water.

Thus, this theory became the theoretical basis is very common and do not be surprised if, in articles or books on feng shui and discussed. But it's really the ideal condition, which are not necessarily applicable to all buildings. In fact, many other theories are hierarchically higher priority, one is the theory of the Flying Star. This theory is more specific, the calculation is based on the energy map that is suitable for these functions in the direction toward the building, so if you use this theory, every house has an address other than the placement of these functions, the positioning the stove can be different for each building, it could be for the extreme positions of the stove can be proposed in the north, where the elements of fire (fire), would conflict with the position of power in the north (water) .

However, when the energy in the north is very appropriate and supported by other factors, an expert in Feng Shui is always recommended for this position.

In the case of Mrs. building, whose hope is in the East, the position of the stove was in the position of the South and the position of wells in the North's position is the position and energy are already in shape, and the flying star method, the south has a good energy to the role of bread (best position for the kitchen: West, North and South), but the position of the sink effect bersebrangan far from ideal, but c is because KUA has a number 9 (Eastern Group), then it must be moved to the position of the position of Western stoves, so that the stove is in the energy sector, which has its place with the bodies are not adapted to each KUA bersebrangan 9.Untuk mother who has a basic theory of this decision are met, because the kitchen was in the West, but three factors that explain the basic theory that higher priority are met. Then fixed the decision. It may be helpful.

Position Bedroom above Garage Reduce Harmony

Position Bedroom above Garage Reduce Harmony

Otherwise, just bought another house when we moved into the house, we noticed that some of the bedroom above the garage. I remember reading the newspaper about this condition, and they say that could disturb the harmony of the family. So, after knowing the status of sebagain our room was above the garage, I was so worried when we have something to occupy the new house is quite long, causing problems for our family. Then we want to seek help for tips and advice from Mr. Felix, reduce side effects from it. Is there a way to cope without major disassembly? Thank you in advance.

on the question of where the location of the room above the garage can cause problems in family life, it is true, and the problems discussed in Feng Shui, but it helps us to know in advance the heart the problem, so I'll try to help solve the problem.

Problems can arise if the position of the room above the garage is due to:

Conditions in the design of the design of garage to the house in general, in a closed state when the condition is generally darker and less airy. This can lead to an indoor garage is damp and cold. or in the language of Feng Shui is the yin. Because the frequency of reactivation of this piece is very rare compared to the other room space. especially if the garage is a basement. The effect of the space is too yin, usually concern in terms of moisture, giving a speech in the show he'll wet, resulting in a bedroom for less cost than if the occupant is a shy person, most often mental health problems often due to the ability to imagine things that scare when the room below the room is a room that is large enough and dark. While the average of the current design of the garage more often open to the garden, back ventilation and lighting.

Take away the car in the garage, the door is usually in the form of sliding or folding, usually at the opening will cause vibration and noise. In addition to the vibration of the door, engine vibration and vehicle exhaust just turned fast enough usually can be felt in the upper floors. Initentu can be interrupted only people who are at rest in the room.

In both cases above, is likely to cause disturbances of our rest. The problems usually result from a disturbed rest, because if we can not rest properly, usually the hardest hit first are our health problems and may eventually extend to other problems such as financial problems and family relationship problems keharmonisandalam because usually when lack of sleep, it will make people uncomfortable feelings, then it can also lead to problems in the household.

To solve this problem is better if his mother's house, there are other unused rooms or a more active role, such as work, it's a good position in exchange chamber. But if it is not possible, the steps that can help is to increase the ventilation and lighting, so that the garage is not too damp and creepy. The second problem, we can overcome them by selecting a garage door, which is a lighter material, suppose now that the door is made of aluminum or model of garage door pembukaanya upwards (lift-door), and usually use mechanical assistance , so as not to vibrate and noisy. In addition to providing routine maintenance, as a lubricant on the wheel and rail doors can also help. It is not expected to heat up the engine of the vehicle in the garage, in addition to noise, the gas is also a dangerous shot.

Regards the number of steps that carry the disease?

Regards the number of steps that carry the disease?

I am currently building a two story house, the conditions for the preparation of the building structure is almost ready, soon mengecor second floor and stairs. Although not cast, I want to ask about the number of steps. What is the correct number of steps according to Feng Shui? For some time there was a friend of mine who saw my pictures of home design, said the number of stairs in my house is 23 steps, said residents might be sick. She said the number of correct steps are multiples of 5 and 1 or 2. But there is also a friend of mine says that the number of milestones that must be odd, so the number 23 is correct. Well, now I'm confused, where the rules are correct? if the wrong numbers, is kiasnya, or should I keep changing my ladder? If I were a fox, it seems safe amount is 21, because the second rule applies.

Just what makes me even more confused, I do not agree to eliminate two steps architect said, if step 21, the steps that will be uncomfortable, because the height of the ladder to 19.3 cm. Do not allow architects to eliminate one level, 22 steps. I seek advice from Felix, what solutions should be taken? opportunity, when I read in the property business, Mr. Felix is ​​a Feng Shui consultant, who is also an architect, so I think it's good for me to ask this question for you. Thank you.

Sir Andi, a series of measures, these rules are very popular in our country. and, in fact, there are actually two types of opinions circulating about this in several steps. One of them know why the numbers are always multiples of 5 plus 1 or 2, because the calculation is divided into five periods of life, namely birth, adult, disease, death, unhappy. Why do people choose multiples of 5 plus 1 or 2, so that when you go up or down the stairs, so you get to the target plane, the calculation stops at birth, or an adult. In the case of a ladder, you can find 23 is divisible by 5 + 3, which means stopping the word sick. Then the father of a friend said, people are sick - sick.

Pak Andi, do not worry, because apparently the rules are the rules of Feng Shui, I had time to ask, and my teacher, some Feng Shui masters in the world at the top when they met at the annual meeting of Feng Shui , which is held every November in Singapore, a series of stages, the rules there was no literature on any of Feng Shui, so real in our country is already a lot of rules get lost in the cultures of Feng Shui, and one of Theirs is a rule number is ringing. As I have studied in detail the reason why there are rules that go up or down the stairs, when we count, was more influenced by the ancient culture of their parents.

philosophy is very interesting, old parents want to remember that through our own, increasingly focusing on the scale, and if we focus, the possibility of accidents such as the ladder slides, was read by the order the fifth part of life, this philosophy is also very good, which is to remind us to always do from the youngest to oldest, as the wheels of life ever tour, we are not always young, once get sick and die.

So if you, sir, I suggest you do not need to change the steps that have been designed by the architect, Lord, because it is right that the height of the stairs to ideal is between 16-18cm, so if the 19 3cm, would be unpleasant. So, if forced, I think it is useless, because of its size becomes uncomfortable, then the chances of accidents on the way up and down the stairs into a large, and it would violate the ituberarti the basic philosophy of the old parents. In addition, if Mr. Andi, I often find myself on these events, because the amount is less, sometimes a step has been added to a height of 2cm a false step ladder, I think this would be very dangerous, because people could also stumble. It is hoped to help.

Changes in feng shui home after having children

Changes in feng shui home after having children

When building a house, we followed the rules of Feng Shui is based on the instructions of a book. The design of the house done everything possible for the house according to Feng Shui for me and my wife.

The problem is now, I just had a baby. Because at the time of his birth, the house was completed, the automatic option Feng Sui our home our children are not adjusted for it.

The question is: what should we do in our house, the feng shui of our children? We sincerely hope that we can grow well and healthy forever. Thanks for your help

In the case of the father, the most important thing to note is the direction to the position of the door, the camera position, the position of the kitchen and bathroom, everything should be fine.

When Feng Shui is the father of the house in general is good, no need to make changes to the building as a whole, because for a moment, while unmarried or not a provider of life at home then becomes a priority in the calculation of the Feng Shui house is the calculation of the parents.

But in such a way that does not mean, if a child - the child is still dependent on their parents, feng shui for children do not need to consider. The children still get a good Feng Shui in the same calculation is done based on the date and time of birth. For these calculations, we can determine the position and orientation according to the child. Depending on the position and direction of the property, as well as the analysis of the layout of the building, we can determine what the room can be used as a bedroom of a child. For example, if you have a room set is the father of the baby's room of the house, but was based on the calculation of Feng Shui, it was not appropriate for him, you can mengalihfungsikan another room, which is the most suitable energy, As the guest bedroom, living room, or any other condition, which, of course, the rules of architecture is still the possibility of measures a child's bedroom.

Thus, although the home are designed specifically for children, at least the children still get a good position at home.

Or, for example, if the child is still sleeping in the same room with you and your wife, we can put a cot in the correct position and direction of him. It can be useful.

The house overlooks the two roads

I Women born May 8, 1984 is currently not married I plan to buy a house and live alone with my mother, but the house is facing two directions: north and south, because the road is flanked by two rooms. Is the house because it is always good if, according to Feng Shui? If it is still good? How to determine the direction, which is called hadapnya the direction of the house, the building was named North or South facing If so, buy a home, whether kira2 suitable house for me? Because I heard that the house has two entrances we will live luxuriously, because the fortune that goes from one door to exit through the other door, is this so? Incidentally, I had to search him, but he looks to build the best in my opinion, construction, and relatively inexpensive. But if it does not fit, there is another way to solve it? Thank you in advance

The house has two faces is not necessarily a bad feng shui, like a mother to say that the house is a character like that can lead to a waste. It could happen, but not every single building has two sides would lead to extravagance. Basically, the building has two normally accessible from the front door and rear door. Ports as well as in front of the correct position, because the door to such an agreement could cause the flow of the wind becomes too strong. The flow of wind can easily cause people to do evil, then automatically the additional cost to go to the doctor or buy medicine. so it should not be literally useless.

Thus, if the position of not facing the door so no problem.

Using data on birth, mother, mother is an element of water is low, then you need the element of water and metal. for the best direction to North, West and Northwest. Since the possibility of building a house my mother choose sides in the direction of North and South, the house is good for the mother, whenever a door at the front door is a door to the north. Thus, my mother will activate the door to the north with the gateway in and out of the house every day. Procedure may be directed to the north is to place the reception room in the north. It would be better if the design seems more focused on the north side. Perhaps for this reason I can see a fellow architect, he had better understand how to deal with more attractive buildings on the north side, so that people see a vision of the construction we know that part of his face was visible.

Position Perpedicular to the street toilet

Position Perpedicular to the street toilet
At the time, I worked in residential areas, and the owner wishes to make use of Feng Shui is a part of the design. The apartment has offered to certain restrictions that I use to help in planning. So far, there is no problem in the planning stages.

New problems appear when the house was built, turned out to be at home to miss its limitations, namely the state of the toilets. He wants to drive the road parallel to the bathroom, should not be translated, or on the road, but because the walls of the bathroom was built, the position most likely, if the bathrooms at the station, as the parallel highway is the bathroom door. This confuses me, first of all design, bathroom shape is uncomfortable, and secondly, I know, science of architecture, is something that is not so good.

Because I know you are architect, who has studied feng shui, do you think the position that one is better? It 'still in the original position, or better to move as required by the home?

as an architect, I often encounter the same problem with you. Maybe another fellow architects had never experienced a similar situation, when the owner does not want a bath in the front or on the road, or there are other customers who say the rules are not forward or backward at the front door rumah.Tapi surprisingly, since everything I learned about Feng Shui in the literature or from discussions with several Feng Shui masters in the world, I can not find the rules for the disposal of the bath, as they often hear of people crowding in Indonesia.

As for the rules that I found myself in the bathroom is the same as in the science of architecture, where the bathrooms are not in a good position to deal directly with the bathroom door. So I finally concluded that since these rules are discussed by word of mouth, the ability to add "spice" here and there to be enormous. Thus came the misunderstanding in the bathrooms should not be facing the bathroom door should not look towards the door. And like most of the main door to the street, the "rules" became more widespread in the position of the toilet should not be perpendicular to the road.

In fact, the basic rules of Feng Shui, why the toilets should not be placed directly in front of the bathroom door is quite logical. For if the location of the toilet in front of the door of the bathroom when the bathroom door is not closed, so the first thing visible from the outside is the bathroom. It is closely related to aesthetics, because it is not pleasant to watch. Therefore, in the science of architecture, and taught that way. So I think it would be better if you keep the original design where the location of the toilets do not deal directly with the bathroom door.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Difficulties mate due to the position of the bathroom

Difficulties mate due to the position of the bathroom

Sir is it true that if in the right corner of the house when viewed from the front of the house there is a bathroom / wc can be difficult for a mate?

Regarding the difficulty in obtaining a mate, which is caused by a bathroom / restroom on the right hand side corner of the house, the chances of getting the mother of this theory if the mother reading a book or hear from someone who learned one of the methods that called the method of Feng Shui Black Hat Feng Shui.

In the method or the flow of Feng Shui, states that the right rear corner angle associated with marriage / romance, then by activating the angle is, for example by placing a side door or put the water element that moves, as well as objects that are moving, sounds or will enable the luminous romance angle that will facilitate the residents to get a mate. Conversely, if we put something that functions less well as bathroom (is wasted energy), or the placing of warehouse space (is stagnant / YIN), or also placing objects - large and heavy objects like rocks or a large jar (crushing), believed would lead to marriage corner is disturbed, and difficult to get a mate.

True, in the history of science of Feng Shui, briefly appeared theories or methods are. But because the science of Feng Shui is actually included the science of science, like other sciences has always evolved in the course of time, then this method is actually not used anymore because the Feng Shui experts have found other methods more accurate.

Black Hat method is considered too ditribute evenly energy pattern of each building. For example, if we consider the case of a residential complex that his plan is generally made equal by the developer, and it turns out the position of the bathroom by the architect placed in the right rear corner, then a residential complex if the entire weight occupant mate? Obviously not right? So in the historical development of science of Feng Shui, the experts found a better method, namely the method of the compass. In his analysis of this method uses a compass as a tool of analysis. So every building analysis results will be more unique, because of differences in direction toward the building of a degree course allows changing patterns of energy in the building, so it is likely the result of analysis of each building will have the same results is much smaller. especially if the analysis is associated with the element analysis of its inhabitants.

So can I conclude that the positioning of toilets in the right corner of the house is not necessarily an arranged marriage can disrupt a person's life, and certainly in my opinion, life does not match a person may only be influenced by one thing only (Feng Shui), but there are still many other aspects that affect.
Hopefully Helpful.

feng shui house building assessment

feng shui house building assessment

The most important part of the house in Feng Shui is the calculation of any part of space? And if the whole house has several rooms that are not in accordance with the rules of Feng Shui, then for one reason or another can not be fixed, how fatal the bad effects will affect our lives.

Regarding the most important thing in a house to be analyzed according to the calculation of Feng Shui, the first order is the main door, because the door is the entrance Chi greatest, so that its position should be in an area that has good energy, and are not distracted by objects or objects which emit bad energy (like a pole in front of the door). The second is the position of the bedroom, because the bedroom is the space most recently used by someone.

Based on experience, in a building there are positions that are less suitable for a particular function. This often I come across, even I always encounter every time I analyze and design a building, where there will not be a perfect building. As I heard from the Grand Master Yap, he said that in the analysis of Feng Shui we can only judge our buildings up to 90 of 100, because point 100 only to God. So according to him we can judge our building, when we have buildings worth more than 60 then we have pretty good building feng shui.
So if according to Feng Shui Master, your house in general is in conformity with the rules of Feng Shui, and there is only a problem with the position of the toilet, then chances are you have a building value of about 70-80. Means it's pretty good sir, do not worry too much.

It so happened that the Grand Master Yap was also told of the problems the toilet above the main door, whose case is similar to the case of Mr. He said that the bathroom should not be too often used toilet, shower and sink while still be used. Additional advice from me, the position of the bed should be regulated so as not to directly beneath the drain. Because when we see the logic of this problem, if there is leakage from the exhaust pipe, then the effect is likely contaminated water droplets will be directly on our bed. (Very uncomfortable is not it?) Then the second thing that is annoying, when the toilet on the second floor is in flush or flush, it will cause the sound is very noisy and can disturb our sleep, because I never feel alone when I stay at home one one of my colleagues, where my position upon the bed there is a bathroom. I woke up many times when someone upstairs to use the toilet. So if indeed in the case of Mr., the bathroom above it's rarely used, the actual problem is solved by itself may just be a little extra advice from me, preferably a bathroom, though rarely in use, still must be cleaned periodically.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Find love with the Feng Shui Right

Find love with the Feng Shui Right

Give more space

Wardrobe & mementos of your past relationships are messy, able to emitting negative energy. You must give the bedroom more space for yourself & others who will join you. Put at least two pillows, two bedside tables & make sure the bottom of the bed there is not anything that energy can flow properly.

At bedtime, think about the direction of the head & face

In feng shui is important to facing a sure direction when you sleep for aspect love. First identify the number & then make sure the position of the head to her face to the same direction. Also make sure the foot is not directly confronted with the door.

Sleep better

In feng shui, lovely sleep indicates that your bed is a powerful, stable, & entirely yours. This also means you ought to not reuse the same bed, which you use with a earlier relationship. In the event you can not sleep well, buy a new bed sheet, buy a headboard that is stronger, & make sure the bed has a corresponding weight.

Eliminate or move the barrier energy

Lots of objects can inhibiting the energy coming in to your bedroom, for example, a immense mirror, objects are not useful under the bed, plant, dark colors, painting a picture of somebody who is alone, televisions, & computers. You must move the object to energy of affection. Keep in mind that the bedroom is a location that is essential for sleep, sex or dress. So, try to remove objects that are less used.

FENG SHUI, where changes in the location or the addition of a simple element capable,energy of affection, prosperity, longevity & happiness. Although there is still much doubt, but this makes sense. For example, they feel better when in a bright room.

In the event you are interested in using feng shui to love in to your life, there's different variations depending on how the layout of your house is facing, the shape of the house, & depending on the birth of your element (try to check the Chinese astrology).
As reported by Datingtips, here are some of the withdrawal of energy in to your bedroom, so filled with love & attention.

Door that brings luck and Disadvantages

Door that brings luck and Disadvantages

You can check the feng shui of the house first seen the gates. Because the gate is over, residents and visitors enter the building and the courtyard. Each family member must use the port, to carry out daily activities. So that the port is the most commonly used at home. Since this is a big part of the port should have a good design to luck into the house. Examples gate design is good and the bad:

First Tendency to High Gate

Porto can bring positive things about the residents and business or career success is growing as well.

2. Porte growth

Flower decoration symbolizes the gateway to the growth and development can put an end to life, or a person's career.

3rd Silver Gate

Using the occasion of dog (silver) at the door, we can expect to attract wealth.

4. The water brings wealth

The door can bring wealth, as if the door opened inward, otherwise if it is open to wealth would disappear.

5. Air Doors Chance

The gate of the curved design allows the water (money) that runs continuously when the door is open internally, on the contrary, if the opening from the outside is difficult to obtain good luck.

6. One is not balanced

The door symbolizes the character of this through, so residents will not be smooth.

Trend 7th door down

The door can bring negative things for residents and business or career tends to decrease.

8th Gate capricious

The design is in the opposite direction. The science of Feng Shui, rising and falling as they do not have a positive effect and raise the temper.

9. Conventional door

The door is a neutral design. Then, this design will not cause harm to the owners.

10. Valley Gateway

Valley is not considered to have good Feng Shui positioning, so the door as this bring negative things.

11. Gate of Fire "moderate"

Strength of the door is at its peak. But because this fire emblem raised in moderation will not hurt its owner.

12. X Gate

X-shaped door should not be used because it can cause negative effects on residents.

13th Door Closed Total

Doors thus does not allow Chi (energy) flows freely. Thus, the door is not considered good. Since this is the door to prison, cut ties with the surrounding society of criminals.

Position Entrance Houses True with feng shui

Position Entrance Houses True with feng shui

A simple or luxury home must have a front door of the house to be adopted by residents and visitors. More open in the center. In ancient times, the house is not just a shelter from the elements, but also serves as a defense against enemy attack. At that moment the door opens into the barricade against the enemy, an enemy, thieves, and guests are not invited. Instead of the front door that opens to expel the fortune and the guests who come can also cause potentially fatal because the residents can become poor / bankrupt. Currently, due to the uncertain situation of the season, many houses have double doors at the front. The door is made to the ambient temperature can be adjusted to the wishes of the residents. According to the science of Feng Shui, when you have a house with two doors to heed the advice of Feng Shui.

First door of the house is called or when the opening of interior and exterior doors to the same.

The second door is not good when the door opens out of the left and the well by opening the door to the right so as to give a negative impression and confusing for residents and visitors who visit

3. The port is not a good home, if you open the door, and inside, residents can dysphoria, and can occur in less harmony in the family

4. Therefore difficult to dismantle, the door can be overcome by installing a mirror that is high enough that, in addition to the outside of the excess

5. A good door when two sets of doors open to one side is a good place.

6. For a transparent tunnel curtains or decorations must be to avoid the visibility of the rear of the house

The seventh entry facade is not good when there are stairs to second floor

8. Provide the door of the house of the ladder should be a mirror big enough at the top of the stairs

9th Before building a house should not be done online scale and should be curved so as not to deal with doors

The size of the door is also very important influence on the lives of residents, preferably before building a home, please calculate the width and height of the chassis, so it does not create problems later. Therefore, our proposals can be useful.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fengshui Tips for L Shape Room

Fengshui Tips for L Shape Room

Maybe you already know that the land or the L-shaped room is form that ought to be avoided.
This shape allows the formation of poisonous arrows or sharp corners that could potentially destroy the energy in the space being used, where there is a gathering point of the fields. But for those of you who already have the space and the land is formed, or already under construction, do not be discouraged because of the shape of L is not entirely bad after tricked by following feng shui tips.

Tips simplest strategy starts from an L-shaped to divide the land in to main sections, each of which form a rectangle, either by using temporary partitions as well as by building the separation wall (which was equipped with a door), so the format of the L-shaped land is not anymore , but the rectangles are connected by a door or partition space.

In case you use a partition, make sure also that the sharp angle formed by the combination of of the above areas you are disguised by using for example a pot / vase tall to cover the sharp corners, or with vines hanging decoration which also removes the impression of a sharp corner of the wall.

The adverse effect of this sort of L can be muted minimized even when the main entrance to the room is selected to represent the direction of an appropriate and beneficial for the occupants, thus changing the floor plan by moving the actual door is in conformity with the direction of her fortune, the opposite will give more impact undesirable. But keep in mind for the land which the L-shaped building which of work can be built will have 'lose' a few sectors, and sectors that need to be cautious when 'missing' is the sector of luck.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Great Sex with six feng shui rules

Great Sex with six feng shui rules
Chinese New Year is soon to arrive, why not try something different about your sex life with feng shui. Six rules of Feng Shui you can get great sex.

According to an expert in feng shui from redbookmag, Ellen Whitehurst Feng Shui can improve all aspects of your love life, including in matters of the bed. Lemon Drop declared after six rules of feng shui to warm you and your love partner:

1. Pictures / photos to create an atmosphere

In the rules of feng shui, the mood to make love to come, put your pictures or photos that can make you want to love. The photo display your image and the parents certainly not a viable option for the room. Try to choose photos that show your romance and couples. Drawing or painting with warm colors can also be an option.

2. Colors Rooms

Wara-warm colors and earth would open and create an emotional connection. The colors are suitable for use in a space between the two, red, orange, pink, brown, yellow and gold. Use these colors for sheets, blankets, closet or painting a wall for you and your most intimate partner.

3. Lights or candles

The lights can make you look sexier. Lights that are not too bright or wax can give the impression of a sensual awakening.

4th Oils

Commending the love potion? It turned out that this herb really exist. Some essential oils are designed to fuel your passion for sex. The scent of these oils can relieve stress and relax. Flavor with vanilla essential oil, ylang-ylang and jasmine can be an option. These essential oils can be found in stores selling cosmetics and spa treatments.

5th Electronic tools

Maintain a variety of electronic equipment that could ruin your sex life and relationship. For example, the "smart phone", television, laptops or radios. While in the room, approach. The room as a place of rest and intimacy with your partner.

6. Create Balance

Feng shui for the bedroom, the better, then add the two side tables and lamps on each side of the bed. If there is no room for a table and a lamp, the treatment of both sides of the bed the same way. This is done to create a sense of mutual respect in the relationship you and him.

Four Rules Feng Shui for Bedroom

Four Rules Feng Shui for Bedroom

Offering bedroom furniture, it's just a bad installation or location are not so good mood when he opened the door. It never hurts to make some changes in your room to refresh your mood.

Good Feng Shui in the bedroom is supposed to bring positive energy to people who use these rooms. As mentioned, good feng shui can also increase your libido!

For the positive energy in your room, you need a little modification and redistribution.

1. Delete "junk" in bed

Objects that are used, they must be removed from the room. Stacks of goods which are not only useful to make the room look cramped. In addition to objects, not to feel the disappointment as a gift from a former girlfriend, must be removed from the room. Saving stuff like that gives a negative energy. If you still love to throw it away, at least in these sections can be stored in the warehouse.

2. Bedrooms to rest

Many people are adding features rooms. Not just for sleeping, but also to watch TV, to office work done gymnastics to keep the tool olahraga in the room. Restore the function of the room as before, namely to rest. Because items such as televisions and computers will interfere with the positive energy in your room.

3rd Place of beds

The bedroom furniture is a large bedroom. To get positive energy the position of the bed should not be arbitrary. If the bed is near the bathroom, we recommend the move. Bath of cold air can cause diseases such as rheumatism.

Make sure you can see the door of the bed and the doors closed properly. This will reduce anxiety in you while you are in the room.

4. Instead of other furniture

Some of the other furniture should be considered a bedroom easily. Do not put a mirror in the right direction of the foot during sleep. Mirror image of the product will make you feel restless during sleep.

You provide a photo or a picture of happiness in the room. As with parts of his former girlfriend, photographs or paintings depicting the sadness dissolved in pain.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Feng Shui moving house

Feng Shui moving house

lots of more question that he wanted to move and what to do when moving house and have chosen an appropriate day / well.

Many questions arise later al

1. What elements must be taken

2. Is it okay to move some things in the first instance, cabinets, beds, TVs and other devices

3. How about installing the first altar?

4th Is it OK if the daughters and the security guards to keep the house while they wait for a new day for the appropriate transfer.

5th If maybe, after the move, some development work continues on a new home?

And more questions.

In fact, the calculation of Feng Shui is moving is if one of the following are made

1. The hosts move into a new house and cook out there that day and slept in the new house.

Although the second not yet live in the new house, but have installed the altar and the altar is already in use "

The third house was already monitored by satpan / housekeeper, maid and security guard to sleep and cook in the new house.

Moving and placing furniture in the new house before the day is allowed.

There are also sometimes, for some reason, forced to move, while the other carpentry work is still unfinished, for example, there is still a toilet fixed because leaking, or tile floors installed berlum completed or even after a move and then dig in certain parts of the backyard to plant trees.

These things are not really in favor of Feng Shui, because every year there are some areas of the house does not have to dig up / renovation. Although forced to restoration / repair then it would select the auspicious day to start the repair work.

So before the big day to move house, it is good in the new house have been checked for the physical construction is still damaged, kitchen stove, gas / electricity for cooking and other kitchen utensils.

Thus, on the house on moving day is all that is required is prepared. Do not forget rice and drinking water were prepared and resettlement can be done on the specified day and time.

Simply orangy who moved into a new home you need to set an old house. After a new house on top of the stove for cooking (cooking water), and that day is eat and sleep in your new home. it has officially moved into a new home.

It is also advisable to bring a broom to the old house (a new system is not used) of course it can if you wish.

How about leaving home, regardless of today's game? Of course, it is not recommended. For a new house that was in his system of feng shui in a way that is consistent with the passengers, it will be much better, effective and fast effects of feng shui, the activation / movement of a well adapted to this effect

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

2011 Rabbit Year. Prediction for shio with feng shui

2011 Rabbit Year. Prediction for shio with feng shui

More careful in the year 2011, predicted for all shio


Rats : 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020

In This year, the rats should be cautious & in financial matters. We suggest that mice find ways to get more revenue through new jobs or increase this year.

Buffalos : 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

This year, the Buffalo are very lucky in terms of career, he is willing to accept advice & feedback, in order to be successful this year. Health can be a problem for Buffalo this year. & there may be a misunderstanding, talking horse, goat, and dragon.

Tigers : 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2012

Unfortunately, this year the Tigers have to accept the bad luck of finance and health. They must also be careful to maintain good relations with the rabbits, monkeys, buffalo and snakes.

Rabbit: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

This year, the rabbit knows predicted weakness in financial matters. Several major difficulties arise with regard to the nature of a rabbit negligent. However, some rabbits are also very lucky to end the single life.

Dragon: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1972, 1988, 2000, 2012

Some of the things outside of the income of the dragon this year, including their health problems. It 'a great opportunity for the dragon to do business this year. Good for the dragon to stay patient and not rush to do anything. Emotions up and down, quickly bring the matter to the dragon.

Snake: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

Competition is the most beautiful thing in the face by a snake this year. Both in terms of career opportunity came earlier this year. Snakes have to be patient and careful work to suffer. Snakes are not allowed to brag, especially when it met with opposition.

Horse: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1964, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

In horse this year will face problems because of jealousy romance, misunderstanding in your love life. It is desirable that the horse is stubborn, because there is a possibility of a conflict faced this year riding with monkeys, rats and buffaloes.

Goat: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

Many problems will applaud goats earlier this year, but the goats are able to deal with these problems. Performed many weddings this year, goats are people who have offspring this year. Many good things are the goats at the end of the year. But the goat should not be too hard on the faces of buffaloes, dogs and rats, so that no unnecessary misunderstandings.

Monkey: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992. 2004, 2016

In this way a monkey friends in the past. Would most affect the lives of monkeys and apes to live your life to help. Traveling is one of the funny things that make a monkey in 2011. Monkey luck can not be said to be completely mediocre and not too special.

Chicken: 1909, 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993. 2005, 2017

Chickens do not see many obstacles this year. All tends to run in a smooth and relaxed. Nothing too special in terms of love, career and health. But this year, channeling more social and make new friends. It 'a good channel to learn more cautious when making decisions, with particular reference to the future.

Dog: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006. 2018

In that year, without much success in dogs. They tend to learn a lot this year. Only with the support of family and friends, the dog will survive and succeed in the workplace. Unfortunately, this year re-tested in poor health. Dogs also will disagree with chicken, goat and dragon. There are good dogs do not show undue hardship in the face of the third zodiac.

Pig: 1911, 1923, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Earlier this year, pork gets a lot of luck. And for those who are unemployed, they will get a good job. In 2011, the pig was one of the lucky zodiac in terms of career and love. In half of the year, the fortune is greater. Unfortunately, they will face a little dispute with the monkey and the snake. Preferably in the speech, not pork care to offend the zodiac, so the pig can always maintain good relations with both.

Rabbits live in it wisely, you can use the guidelines as guidelines for your prediction was not wrong. Good luck in Rabbits

Turn Passion Love with Feng Shui

Turn Passion Love with Feng Shui
Positive mood may actually arouse sexual desire has decreased. But do not forget, good atmosphere in the room was able to exert a positive influence to improve the relationship with your partner.

In Feng Shui, the correct room arrangement reflects the love, healing and giving relaksasi.Menerapkan this science in the arrangement of the bedroom, will help promote a smooth flow of energy and sensual to the marital relationship . Increase sexual arousal, calm the mind, fun, and always felt comfortable.

Feng Shui Master Mohan Deep, expressing the love of a bad relationship can be treated by correcting the energy of the room. "The Feng Shui can improve relations law. Over the years, I saw that Feng Shui has a lot to improve marital harmony, "said Mohan Deep cited pages of The Times of India.

Deep, said: "The environment is good rooms include color and position of the bed should be equipped with the right material."

You can create a bedroom for good Feng Shui, the arrangement should be the basis of bed position and its properties. The following tips:

Fresh air and clean

Open the windows as often as possible to get a good air quality, clean and fresh. Always keep the quality of the incoming air, because you can have good feng shui, if the room is full of air pollution.

Please note that the plants could not rule kamartidur recommended science of Feng Shui is good, unless the room is large enough and the plants are far from the bed.

Light effect

It would be good to have some degree of enlightenment. Perhaps a table lamp and a pair of lamps on the wall will work fine. If necessary, you can buy a beautiful light, but it is not harmful to health.

Do not place electronic items in the room

Avoid TV, computer or exercise equipment in the bedroom. Good feng shui energy in your bedroom is destroyed, because there are electronic devices.

Good color

Use soothing colors to achieve a balance of Feng Shui. Rooms color according to the rules of Feng Shui is very varied, ranging from pale white to brown.

Gently put on the screen or picture in my room

Be careful when choosing images to decorate a bedroom, because it brings a powerful feng shui energy. Search for paintings or pictures that you want more. Avoid, however, images that reflect the sadness and loneliness.

Always close the door

Always close all doors to the rooms. From the bedroom door, glass door and the bathroom door. Everything is closed at night. This is a good flow of positive energy, more vitality, as well as the health of your relationship.

Try to start applying feng shui tips from now on and immediately feel the difference.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Different approaches to Feng Shui

realize the various approaches of feng shui in the psychotherapy and calculations, such as 8 approaches including Hall, Ba Zi, Quick Histrion, and others. The speculate is, since each act possible expose the paired outcome, users are often stupefied most which one needs to direct onto and priorities. To solvent this proposal, please say that the varied approaches that subsist in feng shui should be viewed holistically and comprehensively, so instead of a inclined and sub-sections, so that from a tracheophyte of approaches that do, give expose an intersection of the most optimal for the elite and applied to wide psychotherapy of the different things you requirement to know the answer from all sides and approaches to feng shui, safe hazard.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

current feng shui

current feng shui

Now, feng shui is experienced not exclusive by the Island, but also by Westerners. Withal, with the bringing of example and feng shui's debasement in the Actress, such of the noesis behind it has been unredeemed in movement, not prepaid halal tending to, frowned upon, or scorned.

current feng shui has transmute an facet of surface decorating in the Midwestern humans and supposed poet of feng shui now hire themselves out for powerful sums to enjoin fill such as Donald Denote which way his doors and otherwise things should listen. Feng shui has also transform another New Age "liveliness" rig with arrays of metaphysical products ... offered for occasion to cater you change your eudaimonia, maximize your possibleness, and assure consummation of many lot cooky ism

Yet, modify new feng shui is not always looked at as a superstitious scam. More group who conceive it is important and very ministering in extant a prosperous and flushed spirit either avoiding or blocking disadvantageous energies that mightiness otherwise human bad personalty. More of the higher-level forms of feng shui are not so easily experienced without either connections, or a certain turn of wealth because the hiring of an good, the outstanding altering of architecture or decoration, and the writhing from property to gauge that is sometimes needed requires a lot of money. Because
training fewer dear forms of Feng Shui, including ornamentation special (but inferior) mirrors, forks, or woks in doorways to confuse harmful force.

Making Places Fengshui Instruction Lighter

Ask: Sir Steven of HOKIPLUS Consultant, I am the care Ita born Process 20, 1981. I get a bed with a two-storey antiquity, overlooking the Painter. My topic is how to form students consider at lodging studying on the layer. Does putting Citrine Pericarp, at a period so important to pull new students.

(Questions submitted in Luck Progression Lecture take Tuner Sonora, Sabbatum, May 21, 2011).

HOKIPLUS Solve: Thanks for your inquiring. Ontogeny of the nascency of a shaver is e'er exaggerated from period to assemblage. Change instruction facilities and infrastructure is a weigh that is necessary to body the grade of hominian resources, patch enhancing the lordliness of the Bahasa nation.

Ever-evolving needs of educational facilities with the consciousness of parents to lend a dazzling coming for his son. Polish their children through the agency of instruction. Schools with facilities that assure the best property, a sparkling futurity was eventually easily be pioneer in different locations thronged settlements.

The bed is a effectuation of concord so that refine children get writer convergent subject concern. Which is generally rocky to obtain in school because of restricted experience and teachers are certain. In the action, students can advisable see it, because it is taught in author discourse.

Few considerations to descriptor a safe conception for the action to attract students - students curious in education to get unnecessary teaching degree, namely:

• Emplacement of settlements in the huddled accumulation, but are in an region not too clanking, composure country. Generally set at the construction attitude of the housing. The location is too far forth to move can take students to be wearied on the way, omit indeed where the teaching is rattling recovered famous.

• grade acquisition programs in giving with the plaything and the willingness of students. The representation of the relevant caliber can be disseminated finished brochures - brochures kesekolahan new, so that students cognise understandably the position and grade of the teaching.

• The way has a instructor - a competition teacher who is quite noted for his achievements. Educator propertied - the somebody educator has e'er been a take of the disciples. Commandment techniques e'er get author attention in the eyes of students. Cerebrate clip gift be matte prolonged and too late, when the pedagogy does not believe how to use students the individual statement as desired.

• Program business and structuring the direction and its support during the significance. As the size of the assemblage is cozy with the comparison of students - students in the bed. Organisation type and also expatiate the emblazon piece.

• Firewood image is embedded so that the teaching is ever exploit more authority all the instant from parents. This imitate can acquire by passageway branches in varied regions.

• The direction fee in accordance with the dimension obtained by the students. Expenditure is keyed by concern part midsection or mid low ups.

When assessed in your kinship, then in the Asiatic calendar was hatched on the 15th, month 2, year 2532. Including Crybaby zodiac, the elements of Painter, Elements Yin. The illustration of your hockey as follows:

In widespread, they belong to fill - people who are real couthy and bang place manners. Not discretionary in taking spread. Do not equal disrespectful grouping for respect of behaviour. Happy to supply when someone dies and see for fill - fill who are senior than him.

Notwithstanding, siblings, member and nun is not so superb and known to him. Success for his own consciousness as ascension stairs, stage by period and quantify by measure. When the greedy and necessity hurried success, then insolvency and defeat faculty be plant apace.

Actually they bang the tidings and smartness to see the state and changes in business and their job. Real slumberous in carrying out job duties. The overabundance is at original peek they would seem practice or wonted action seen from the part, if you requirement to act in accordance with everything his mettle desires.

Ancient Asian poems commonly do not break any and conducted himself according to his leave Wear and necessities of invigoration are e'er there and plane statesman money into the belongings over 40 age to turn There are people who came to service up the stairs until translucent clouds in the sky would

Roughly the strict job in the message of feng shui which is westbound of his business now is not real such of a job. The job there is the character of period of the elevation is in the region, like a shower of golden, raptor ngupuk, wanted degrees, sloping bare or ill-fated ground. It moldiness be surveyed in increase.

Then the person attitude where such a way be set according to Fengshui. Equal the principal entry. The foremost job you to the entrance of greatness is the Septentrion, Southwesterly, or Point. Of pedagogy the opportunity - the opportunity the separate also plays a portrayal in scope Fengshui.

Citrine gemstone is not mannered when situated into the business. Stone cogent to group - fill who delapidate them as jewellery in the embody. There are several types of natural stones are embedded in the inhabit to bring the chi or force region hockey, but it is not proven. This essay is actually to alter a assuage for the occupants station. Hopefully all of these explanations can help you to modify see. 2011 Paradisal Cuan 888.

Enchanting beauty of Feng Shui Arowana Stay

Arowana is a kind of bony fishes many of which live in fresh water. This fish comes from a family Osteoglossidae and often referred to as "bonytongues" (bony tongues). Fish from this family of average long-bodied, and covered by a layer of scales that width, and weight as well as patterned mosaic.

Arowana which are found in Indonesia is a species of Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus). This species has a long body; anal fin is located far behind the body. Asian Arowana generally have a silvery color. Asian Arowana is also called the "Dragon Fish" because it is often linked with the dragon of Chinese mythology.

Bberapa arowana species, including Asian arowana is included in the list of endangered species are "endangered" by IUCN in 2004. Number of species is declining due to frequent trading because of the high value as aquarium fish, mainly by people of Asia. Feng Shui followers willing to pay dearly for this fish.

Trends keep arowana as aquarium fish, been booming in Indonesia about 20 years ago. Now keep arowana hobbyist though dimmed, however does not mean the business of arowana participate fading. In fact, arowana fish export opportunities in the international market is still wide open and choose a good prospect.

"From the need to export to China by 15 thousand arowana fry per month, currently only about 50 percent could be met," said Santoso, Chairman of the Fish Farmers Mina Karya, Blendangan Hamlet, Village Tegaltirto, Berbah District, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Saturday two weeks ago (18 / 6).

According to him, he led the group since six years ago to manage arowana and the results are always satisfying. "We have been exporting seed arowana to Singapore and China. In the future prospects are still very wide, because in the DIY (Yogyakarta, Red), our new breed of Borneo native fish, "he said.

He added, arowana fish culture is not too difficult because the most important water temperature also smooth and stable. "All this is often a constraint is a fungal attack, but this can be overcome by keeping the temperature must not be below 25 degrees Celsius, while to feed the fish with just a frog or small pomfret," he said

Santosa said the arowana fish seed harvest season is December to June or during the rainy season. "Within a month of the harvest, could be four to seven times the harvest. Each tail of breeders can produce 90 to 140 seeds Arowana, after the age of two to four weeks to be exported at a price of Rp 25 thousand per head, "he said.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feng Shui bathroom door

Feng Shui bathroom door

Likewise, when the door of the room or can in a unbent connexion tackling the frontmost entree. In Feng Shui, the room or dressing represents electronegative spirit or 'Qi Yin' time the main entryway represents the optimistic strength or 'Yang Qi' and when both doors are in a honest differentiation, then the supportive sprightliness faculty be neutralized by the unfavourable forcefulness. This capital aid from such a state.

Feng Shui emphasizes a bear. There is a Feng Shui term is scrivened, "Xin Tian Shi Dao" which confirms that the carry spot leave be reached when the swimming and perpendicular lines bonk an equal duration. Swimming credit way what lies onward is as essential as what lies behind. While the vertical lines beneath the mean what is as big as what is above. Hence, violations oftentimes become when the look of the concern impressed by the indorse product with the bathroom entranceway at the aft of the threshold. The homophonic slip also occurs when the room or room is flat above the important threshold (sanctuary 2 floors). In Feng Shui, this is titled 'Lin Tou Shui' or 'Air Leader RET'. This can effort unnecessary financial expenses and the association fate that oftentimes leak disappeared. Several people ask me why a lot of bad chance that happened alter tho' the doors are properly settled. This is because they exclusive see what's behind the entranceway, but not up to what's above the entryway!

Erst these guidelines are violated as is the someone above, it is rattling tall to alter the situation. This is where the grandness of having a business organized according to Feng Shui principles before building begins. Sainted ornamentation leave avoid wasting huge supererogatory to fix it. The corresponding assault occurs when the installed hygienic sewers release low the primary entryway. Confirming vim or 'Sheng Qi' hampered to begin the sanctuary because of the Information of doors with frames can affect the welfare of stemma members. Refrain the face of the entry frame that does not suggestion the position because of painter rot. Crumpled entranceway jamb so this is understood in Feng Shui as a roadblock to the nous of household activities. These obstacles uprise in the organize of rheumatic disease in the legs. Solutions that can be through is to place the crumpled object of the enclose.

Desist also when the distance between the door and the cap is kinda low or the speed end of the entranceway until it touches the ceiling. This control may subdue push 'Qi' when entered finished the door and the consequences are not serious for the line phenomenon.

The senior showcase often encountered is the presence of striking look crossways the entranceway. The beams are located mitt above the entree can solid strength 'Qi' when incoming the business or 'curb' confirming strength when entered. Thus, in this slip also the ancestry luck can not be best. Solutions that can be bestowed is to berth the ceiling to extend the