Monday, September 05, 2011

Feng Shui Living

Feng Shui Living

Lounge is a place where the whole family get together and chat. Feng shui room is good, you can enhance harmony, prosperity and success for the whole family. Thus, according to feng shui, this part should be addressed.

Family room or a rectangular box is very profitable. If the main door opens into the room, avoiding the window opposite. In addition, no property to a high cabinet or adjacent seat too close to the front door.

Lantadan first family room design, preferably in uniform. In the past, there is a tendency in the use of marble or ceramic fractures arranged in zigzag. This will show the irregular shape and unclear to the family room.

If a fantasy family room floor, because it uses wood, parquet floors (wood flooring fantasy), or the pattern of the carpet, draw lines that are of the form does not form a cross or a triangle dangerous. A straight line between the front door of the room in the house who are towing. However, if the line extends out from the EH / flows outside. So you should avoid the style of it.

In the living room, the ceiling can improve your Feng Shui, and can also cause misery. Avoid roof design with sharp edges or wall box. It is good if the ceiling of the central part of the room is empty, so you can hang your feng shui enhancers and crystal chandeliers.

Crooked wood trusses, or seen, can seriously affect the feng shui of your living room. Fixing protruding wooden beams, the same as the bolt protruding. If you have a sloping roof, to correct the imbalance by increasing Chi. How can I use the lights in the ceiling is low.

Many of the buildings have to connect the circular mezzanine. While the view of the interiors, beautiful like that, but in fact, spiral staircase to create negative energy and not very profitable for the house. If you have a ladder at home and try to replace it with a normal scale and strong.

Settings sofa and coffee table in the living room, an advantage if, in general, have a rounded design. L-shaped arrangement is not recommended because it will lead to a certain extent. Of course, this will cause adverse air. Very well put the coffee table and sofa in the center surrounded.

New furniture is preferable to the antique furniture, unless you really understand about the origin of antique furniture. Not a good idea to bring old furniture in the house, because it can collect a lot of negative energy, or energy, which is very tragic. Avoid heavy carved cabinets, and decorative animals. Energy heavy wardrobe swallows a small house. Better interior furnishings with simple lines. Limits cabinet design, diamonds and other pointing will not bring happiness.

Choose furniture that has a door instead of shelves only way. Library with doors that do not describe the threat to prosperity in general. Influence of the library with doors is not a career that does not end with a good way